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  TheYamBagga  |  5

#1. FY Cat's life for getting turned into a hairy toilet

#2. FY Grandfather's life for having nothing better to do with his morning than get wasted and piss on your cat because more than likely it's the only way he can get any attention.

#3. Demonkey....I hope your kids toss your ass into a nursing home and leave you there to rot

#4. Try spending some time with him OP...old people have the sweetest stories and are actually pretty cool if you put the effort in. I would give anything for another day with my should be thankful you still have yours...dick


Today, after having a beer or two, I decided to play "the yellow water fountain" with my great granddaughters cat. My granddaughter immediately freaked out and yelled something at me about being intoxicated. This is the second time this has happened and I have to live with this bitch for the next six weeks. FML


I don't see the negative. Great grandfather is alive and is still laughing! The cat obviously liked it, the cat sat there, so triple win; Great grandfather is loving life, cat is happy, and OP has a great grandfather alive!