By Kazenoe - Finland - Nokia
Today, while taking the trash out, the old cranky elevator in my apartment complex finally gave up on life. For a long hour I was stuck between floors 4 and 5, practically embracing my bio-waste can. FML
Kazenoe tells us more :
OP here. Thanks all for the comments, almost making me able to laugh about this now. :P But yes, the waste can was full. I had to take a long shower after. I do have a feeling I'll prefer the stairs for a while after this.
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I don't think 'embracing' his bio-waste can would be an issue if it wasn't full.

And again, it says 'while taking the trash out', not 'after taking the trash out'. That implies it was full.

By  ManInTheMachine  |  19

This is why I don't trust old elevators. There was one like this in my highschool, I swear that thing was 30 pounds short of a complete free-fall. Good thing I didn't have to carry bio-waste. Sounds like a shitt--

*Gets decapitated by a 12-gauge*

  onlychildFTW  |  33

My school had an elevator like that. I was in it once and this kid jumped while it was going up and the elevator went down to where the floor showed 4, he jumped, showed 3, then went back to 4. Kind of sketchy really.