By Kazenoe - 05/07/2012 11:52 - Finland - Nokia

Today, while taking the trash out, the old cranky elevator in my apartment complex finally gave up on life. For a long hour I was stuck between floors 4 and 5, practically embracing my bio-waste can. FML
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Kazenoe tells us more.

OP here. Thanks all for the comments, almost making me able to laugh about this now. :P But yes, the waste can was full. I had to take a long shower after. I do have a feeling I'll prefer the stairs for a while after this.

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Maybe if people listened to its feelings, it wouldn't be so cranky.

Well there is an upside to all of this! Just think, they might finally replace the elevator.


Well there is an upside to all of this! Just think, they might finally replace the elevator.

Or not. The elevator in the big bang theory hasn't been fixed yet.

hockeyoceancity 13

Or they will just make you take the stairs! :) And get that little sit on chair that takes you all the way up the chairs if you're in a wheel chair.

They never did in The Big Bang Theory...

Reminds me of final destination 2

Maybe if people listened to its feelings, it wouldn't be so cranky.

DreBeezy 9

I suggest a counselor.

RedPillSucks 31

Maybe it will get "lucky" with an armchair and no longer be so cranky.

30- I think that counts as cross species copulation, which is a little weird to think about...

TheDrifter 23

Yes, depositing bio waste into my armchair does give disturbing visuals.

Dear Death_Hoe_Inn, Hey, I just met you And this is crazy But we'll kick your ass 'till You cry like a baby Sincerely, every female offended by your post.

Flocka_23 14

At least you had something to throw up in if needed

Redox127 7

Hope that was on the way back up, after the trash was emptied!

mhopper 13

*while taking the trash out* *embracing my bio-waste can*

Well if it was this wouldn't really be much of an FML, now, would it?

Redox127 7

Can doesn't mean full. And I don't know about you, but being stuck in an elevator for an hour would be an FML with or without trash.

I don't think 'embracing' his bio-waste can would be an issue if it wasn't full. And again, it says 'while taking the trash out', not 'after taking the trash out'. That implies it was full.

Redox127 7

Alright haha I guess I was just doing a bit of wishful thinking. In that case OP, FYL even more.

Oops. I meant to down vote the comment above this one. Can someone do it for me? Thanks!

mizuki123 8

There was this guy who was stuck in a elevator for about 3 days I think. no cellphone with him so he couldn't call for help.

The Tower of Terror has come to town!

metaphoristic 8

That's a tongue twister right there!

This is why I don't trust old elevators. There was one like this in my highschool, I swear that thing was 30 pounds short of a complete free-fall. Good thing I didn't have to carry bio-waste. Sounds like a shitt-- *Gets decapitated by a 12-gauge*

It doesn't matter who, it's why. He was shot because he was about to use an annoying, over-used comment, so really he probably even shot himself at the horror of it.

Sorry, I thought I had the safety on -.-

My school had an elevator like that. I was in it once and this kid jumped while it was going up and the elevator went down to where the floor showed 4, he jumped, showed 3, then went back to 4. Kind of sketchy really.

metaphoristic 8


I think that your apartment is going to need a doctor for your elevator.

That's so gross. FYL op, but at least you got out of there. It could have been much longer than an hour.

linkinpark98 23

That's why I always take the stairs.

RedPillSucks 31

With a can of bio-waste sloshing around?

linkinpark98 23

Sure. Some days are more unpredictable than others.

MindFreakazoid 10

Plus life isn't fun without any risk! Right? No. Alright.

I would take the stairs and say Yolo...

#67 I hope you fall down the stairs today and somehow manifest a brain tumor.

aleeshttylXD 9

#67, smh.