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Today, I finished moving cross-country and signed a 13 month lease to be closer to my on-again / off-again boyfriend of the past five years. I showed up at his place to borrow his truck just as his "local" girlfriend was leaving. FML
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RoadGoesOn4Ever tells us more.

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I'm the OP. I originally moved away from him to finish my degree/get my Masters. We've been on and off because he runs private security for the government and spends the majority of his time overseas. I signed a 13 month lease because I wanted to live in a house and I have two big dogs. He was all for me moving out here. Long story short, IMO: the situation blows, we're over and done with, and I have an awesome new house/job in Vegas.

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never move in with your on again/ off again boyfriend! It is a disaster waiting to happen!

kinda of a stupid thing, the move closer to a guy whose on-again/off-again. I'm guessing your desperate, or you don't know your self worth.


FYL, sorry.

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hahahahah everything Is funny in the worllddd

it was ON/OFF for a reason.....ydi

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FYL: No YDI: No HDY & YDH: Yes

never move in with your on again/ off again boyfriend! It is a disaster waiting to happen!

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I know... as soon as I read the "on again/off again boyfriend" part, I clicked YDI.

She didn't - she was moving "close to him".

it's still kinda stupid though. I wouldn't move right across my country (and I only live in England) just to be nearer to someone I wasn't that stable with

kinda of a stupid thing, the move closer to a guy whose on-again/off-again. I'm guessing your desperate, or you don't know your self worth.

"kinda of"? And I think you meant "you're" not "your". But why is she desperate for trying to make things work with someone who she has stayed interested in and who has in turn stayed interested in her for 5 years despite the distance?

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@Twinkle: 5 years is a good amount of time to make that move if they had been together the whole time but the OP clearly says they are on again, off again. OP deserves this for not thinking.

5 years is a long time to stay interested in someone regardless of whether it's on again of again, especially if it's long distance. She moved closer so it could be a more stable relationship.

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@ Twinklestar: 5 years is indeed a long time.......too long in the case of a long distance relationship, especially an on-again/off-again one. Before taking such a huge step, she should have had a serious discussion with her boyfriend and find out exactly where they stand.

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I borrow things from my ex all the time because we're on good terms - there's nothing here that says that they're in a definite "on" phase of this on/off relationship... could be off, could be somewhere in between. FHL if they're together right now and he's cheating, but if she made this move just to be closer to him without any real discussion of the state of their relationship, she deserves it.

AMEN TO THE CORRECT GRAMMAR! i was beginning to think it was a lost art!

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Exactly why did you think it was a good idea for you to change your entire life in order to be closer to an on-again /off-again long-distance boyfriend?

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Girls only love assholes. YDI

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You know, your mom's a girl.

#52 Don't worry, I think he counted himself in the lot; since he keeps writing this under every FML, I'm guessing there's a point. P.S: thighsofglory? =)

You should only move for a relationship if u are engaged or married. Dumbass.

Wrong, and really bad advice. If she'd gotten married first she'd now found out she married a cheater. She just moved closer to him, trying out first if the relationship would hold when they can see each other regularly. Now that she knows the truth about the guy, she hasn't lost much apart from a move. Finding out you are dating a cheater hurts, but she can now emotionally disconnect from the guy and open herself to a new relationship.

#36, no... She shouldn't have done anything at all. She shouldn't have moved next to him, and she DEFINITELY should not marry him to have an excuse to move. She should have just ended things a long time ago, especially if he was seeing other people. She should have moved ON.

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Did you even ask him if he wanted you to move closer to him?

She was trying to make it work by moving closer to him, thinking maybe the distance didn't help with the whole on-again/off-again deal. I don't think it was stupid at all. I'm sorry for all the trouble you went through.

YDI for having a ON/OFF Boyfriend. You set yourself up for that.