By Username - 02/08/2011 06:46 - United States

Today, I found out that the crazy old man that sleep walks naked around my neighborhood every night is my grandpa. And he's not sleepwalking. FML
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Wish i had ur grandpa

Cool grandpa you have there.


Wish i had ur grandpa

Great bonding opportunity.

sarabraun8 7

that'd be embarrassing!

Male prostitute??(

If you want that kind of stuff 8, go to You'll not regret, I guarentee you that!

he deserves a #1 grandpa mug!

What kind of world is this where we're expected to put on clothes every time we leave the house?! C'mon, it's summer :D

Maybe he's a nudist. You gotta respect that. :)

SirObvious 1

wouldn't you?

maybe he was hot?

enonymous 8

It must be my birthday!

CattyPurry 0

that's just icing on the cake, and i'm pretty sure OP would like to blow the candles out! :P

Is it just me or is fml getting an influx of stories involving nude grandparents

Lol dolphin. The baby boomer generation is plotting a nudist take over.

MyScrewedUpLifeS 0

funny uncle=0 funny grandpa=1

Come on join him in the fun!

It doesn't suck! IT ROCKS! OP has a crazy awesome grandpa!

I bet it's his walk of shame back from his hoes' houses

Not the walk of shame, the walk of pride. Go grandpa!

Cool grandpa you have there.

Your pic goes perfectly with your comment

Indeed, I shit myself laughing.

mattmadden 0

His picture goes perfectly with almost every comment he says...

What a beautiful sight. :/ At least it's dark.

Soooo...what is he really doing, besides just walking around????

sammybearbby 6

awh haha that would be scary, let's hope your friends don't find out it's your grandpa

Even worse for everyone else if the sleepwalker is a daywalker

MrSexyPants 14

Flaunt what you've got. Learn from him, grasshopper.

your picture is one of my favorite wallpapers for my ipod: it stands out in the best way possible.

Xx_Dakota_xX 1

Grandpa has some fly