By immunizations - 11/12/2010 07:40 - Canada

Today, while parking my car, I accidentally bumped into the car in front of me, making a small, barely noticeable dent. I felt bad, wrote an apology note, and stuck it on his windshield. An hour later, he replied by keying the entire right side of my car. FML
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never leave a note. never let them find you.

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You should've parked somewhere else!


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An apology isn't going to fix the dent. If you weren't going to leave your contact info so he could arrange for you to pay for it, you should've just driven off.

exactly. if you just left a note that said, "sorry I hit you're car, dude" then you're a complete asshole.

32- you're a ******* idiot. she was saying "if you left a note then you are a complete asshole" which is also you're not your

0opsie 6

#42: She was talking about the first "you're" in that sentence, which actually was incorrect.

#7 Don't talk to him like that. I'll have to hwip you.

she had the spelling right. it's you're because she was saying you are an asshole. and btw, I'm from Texas.

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so "sorry I hit you are car, dude" Is correct grammar? hmm.. thanks! I learn something new everyday :)

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thinking the same thing time to go inform my teachers how wrong they have been

3, YDI for looking like Erik Estrada with those glasses. Lol.

85 YDI for trying to be justin bieber.

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#89 YDI for being from Brooklyn

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This is what happens when you're Canadian.

Im Canadian.. none of this has ever happened to me, or anyone I know.

Well how long have you been living in Canada?

20 years here. And I'm from BC. I've never seen a key-ed car before... Just not the thing to do here. On the other hand, if you bump into someone, you're obliged to leave your full information and details and pay for the damages, not a cute apology. Especially here in Vancouver where almost everybody drives a BMW or Lexus.

i live in british columbia and yes, the car my family owns has been key-ed many times before. it happens here, too.

I'm part Canadian and that has absolutely nothing to do with that.

Pretty sure people key cars everywhere!!!!! Wtf does being Canadian have to do with anything ??!!!!!!!

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Um not sure... Wondering the same thing!

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never leave a note. never let them find you.

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I guess you shouldn't have left a note

Isn't this a repeat? But YDI, be honest unless you want to end up being sued.