By Bec - 25/07/2011 14:10 - Australia

Today, the police were canvassing my neighbourhood about a recent robbery. When I answered the door, my brother saw badges, panicked, and jumped out our apartment's third-storey window in an attempt to escape. He thought they were after him for using a bong two weeks ago. I'm related to this twit. FML
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maddybopeep 2

can't pick your family, fyl


dope- f*ck tha police it's a remix by nwa

Wow your brother is an Imbecile. I smoked a joint WITH a cop once lmao. And even if they catch you with a joint, they'll take it away and tell you to **** off lol.

enonymous 8

Australian version of Cheech and Chong not as funny as I had hoped. "Dave's not here mate"

Hi_I_am_Q 0

54- I love your picture man!!

cops are always around my house ever since those officers disappeared.. it was worth it though, they were tasty

purplepizza21 0

now, I'm not a grammar Nazi but I love how just about everyone misspells neighbor

purplepizza21 0

now I'm not a grammar Nazi but I love how every one misspells neighbor

I thought it was I before E. Except after C. I forget the rest.

cc_the_beast 6

OP, was this the genius I saw on the news who got himself stuck between a retaining wall and a fence?

I saw that too, it was in Sydney so chances are yes.

cc_the_beast 6

I'm gunna go with yes anyway...

54, that's awesome. wish I met a cool cop like that only with blunts. blunts >>> joints

TheChampagneBoi 5

21 not at first I remember when I first started I would get extremely paranoid but now I never get paranoid.

iLOLatURpain69 7

weed makes the world crazy.As log as you are cool with the cops, they wont **** with you.

completely depends on the area in Utah no way. You're the devil in their eyes. in kentucky most cops view it as a waste of there time.

this FML reminds me of the first transformers movie

fadingfaith 4

...It's the marijuana that's creeping upon me while I'm so high Maybe it's the Hindi that has gotten in me Whatever's gotten into me I don't mind I like your profile pic btw.

fadingfaith 4
iLOLatURpain69 7
TheRealSIDeal 1

Dave chappelle to neil Patrick Harris. undercover brother. 2002. I sound like that guy from I love you Beth cooper except I'm not gay

why does 2 remind me of the wicked witch of the west? hmm :/

littlemissFYL 5

I was thinking more of the witch from wicked, cheddar. lol, I love your facial expression 2! xD

2ndSucks 15

Personally, I like her eyebrows the best. Very 'evil genius' ish.

*looks at 2's picture* I can see that

maddybopeep 2

can't pick your family, fyl

littlemissFYL 5

if the little kiddy in your profile picture is related to you, I wouldn't see why you would want to pick your family:) lmao awe

xCrazyWhiteGirlx 0

No, he can't be paranoid. That's just where the pineapple express led him to, man.

JodeMiVida 13

At least you weren't the ones robbed.

6 - wtf ?! why is your profile picture a picture of my eyes ?

Wouldn't it be better? Just a thought. I don't really care about shitty spelling - its the juice that the FML has inside.

GnarShreder13 0

yea u woulda lost your sweet bong

nuggin0917 1

this guys family is normal compared to mine

omgcookeys 15

mine are too over protective.. they won't let me buy ice cream from a truck because they think that "the mexicans poisoned it" btw, I'm not racist, that was a quote, it was not my intention to offend you if you are Mexican.

9- Then you'll fall head over heels for my family.

iAintEvenMad 0

Imagine explaining that one.

it wouldve sucked more if you could spell.(:

I think you mean 'would be better if OP could spell' And your giving a spelling lesson?!

It would've been better if you used correct grammar. [=

ilovepandas213 0

Check their country of origin. Words are spelled differently in different countries.

you're. So, just to clarify, the person who corrected the person who corrected the person was just corrected. Everyone let's just play nice.

toddlesscott 0

I was going to say that! lol