By Bec - Australia
Today, the police were canvassing my neighbourhood about a recent robbery. When I answered the door, my brother saw badges, panicked, and jumped out our apartment's third-storey window in an attempt to escape. He thought they were after him for using a bong two weeks ago. I'm related to this twit. FML
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  seanders  |  10

Wow your brother is an Imbecile. I smoked a joint WITH a cop once lmao. And even if they catch you with a joint, they'll take it away and tell you to fuck off lol.

  KaySL  |  24

Thank Christ you don't consider yourself a grammar Nazi, because you'd make a shit one. Stop being an ignorant moron and giving real Americans a bad name simply because you have the literacy skills of a kindergartener. The OP is from Australia, which uses British English, as does almost all of the English speaking world outside of the USA. Therefore, "neighbour" is spelled correctly, dipshit. Or are you just a troll?

  fadingfaith  |  4

...It's the marijuana that's creeping upon me while I'm so high
Maybe it's the Hindi that has gotten in me Whatever's gotten into me I don't mind

I like your profile pic btw.

  omgcookeys  |  15

mine are too over protective.. they won't let me buy ice cream from a truck because they think that "the mexicans poisoned it" btw, I'm not racist, that was a quote, it was not my intention to offend you if you are Mexican.