By Anonymous - 13/12/2010 02:36 - United States

Today, I woke up to an early Christmas present on my car. It was a nicely wrapped box containing a dead bird, a half eaten sandwich, and a note reading "MERRY F**KING CHRISTMAS STAN." This will probably be my only Christmas present. My name is Luke. FML
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thats messed up that guy has issues

starfuryt550 3

are you retarded?


Aw Hahahah that sucks

Indeed. FYL. By the way, go get some friends. Good day, sir.

iSitt 0

extract a saliva sample from the sandwich, analyze the DNA, splice it with the bird's, create a half man half bird superhero and call it Stan and tell it "I'm your father, Luke". Then send it on a mission to track down the original DNA person.

didn't stan die at the end of that video? hmmph.

well it's obvious that you have been thinking your name is Luke when in fact it's stan. I'd be pretty embarrassed if I was you.

17, Haha omg nice.

shut up Justin Beber. how how ever you spell his fucking name

RedPillSucks 31

Robot Chicken

TheDrifter 23

Nono it was just a poor grammar moment on the part of the gifter. If you look at it my way you just got a thoughtful gift of Christmas dinner from a hobo named Stan.

I get it 46 a nice greeting from a hobo with tourettes


not funny....watsoever.

lilmisslovely13 15

Maybe Eminem got sick and tired of you stalking him...

The force is even stronger with this one.

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the birds name is Stan

thats messed up that guy has issues

Maybe the gift giver wanted to give Stan a sandwich and a pet bird. The bird ate half the sandwich to survive, but there weren't air holes in the nicely wrapped box so it died :/ Pass it off to Stan.

Luke Skywalker?

Dall87 0

sucks for you Stan.

hide name isn't Stan. its Luke

Why does your name being Luke have to do with anything? o.o

zcknight 0

Because he said it was probably the only gift he'd get for Christmas and it was a shitty gift that wasn't even for him.

starfuryt550 3

are you retarded?

GalaxyShots 21

The present said 'merry fucking christmas, stan'...his name is Luke, not Stan. Holy shit, are you stupid?

cj91 0

I'd hate to be Stanley. haha the geico I thought it was funny.

took me a minute, but yeah, I get it.

schwancy 2

Give Stan back his gift! He's been waiting for that dead bird all year!

Yeah right! That was nice Anyway, a gift is a gift! Don't be so spoiled!

I don't think dead birds are a very nice present so I don't blame Luke for not appreciating it....

aw, I'm so sorry Luke/:

I_R_Genius 3

Was it a koo-koo-kachoo bird?

I think you mean "goo-goo-g'joob" ;D

28, thank you! I stick by that pronunciation and resent all others! lol

I_R_Genius 3

Lol touché 28 touché. But I was qouting from family guy.

No it's Stan now.