By Anonymous - / Monday 13 December 2010 03:03 / Korea Republic of
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  mamamiaaa_fml  |  12

ha. I had people talk about me right in front of me at my old job. but they were saying nice things. mostly. and they were trying to guess where I was from. but yeah I turned red. it was awkward.


Hahaha I can relate to the op!.. My boyfriend is Korean and I'm Italian, but I learned to speak Korean for them because I knew they would be judgemental about that... op you should have whipped out the Korean right away! They wouldn't have had a chance to judge, they would be too impressed with the fact that a white girl was speaking Korean :)


Oh really?? I'm Korean but I was born and raised in Canada. I have been in so many situations where people just automatically assume I don't speak English so they start speaking smack about me, in English, right in front of me. Or when I say "Excuse me?" because I didn't hear them (not because I didn't understand them) and the person starts speaking louder and slower, like I'm stupid.

It goes both ways so don't go making assumptions and generalizations.


Oh man I feel for you OP. My ex was Korean and her parents were so traiditional that they even started dropping racial hints in the conversations. -____- boy that sucked.

  SarahPicc  |  3

my friend speaks Hindi in the car with his uncle all the time and I feel really awkward because for all I know they could be talking about the weather, dinner, or calling me a bitch. At least you had the upper hand here. :)

  audreyy062  |  2

ah...im korean and although my parents arent "traditional" i can totally see them embarassing me with their korean ways when a bring a boy home (and not the "ooh lets look at her baby pictures way" but the "what ethnicity are you? whats your grade point average? do you do drugs?" kind of way.)

By  thisgirl2u  |  9

That is terrible! :(

You would think that your boyfriend would tell them that you can speak Korean and you can understand what they are saying. You would also think that he would tell them not to speak that way about you. :/

Unless, your boyfriend doesn't know and you thought you were being sneaky by keeping this from him. If that is the case then shame on you for trying to eavesdrop. ;)

  mamamiaaa_fml  |  12

^this. I mean if she's meeting the parents you'd think he knows and that's awkward if he sat there and let them insult her. and even if she doesn't understand it's still wrong to let them just say those things.

  RedPillSucks  |  31

Strict and traditional means that he keeps his mouth shut and doesn't disrespect his parents.

Although, I guess he's already done that by dating a non-korean, so he should just go "all in"