By ~JESSICA~ - 11/09/2010 06:19 - United States

Today, I woke up late to an urgent voicemail from my dad telling me he left me a present in my car. Excited, I went to investigate. I then saw that his "surprise" was fresh fish he had caught. I hate fish, and now my car stinks. FML
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I always kinda laugh at people who say "YDI for being ungrateful!" ... Because you would be SO TOTALLY THANKFUL YOURSELF if your dad left a food that you don't like in your car, making it stink. Get the fuck over yourselves.

How can you hate fish. it's Yummy. and smells like Vaginas ;D JAYKAY. but seriously. fish is good...


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that sucks

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nom nom

smack your dad with the fish

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Well some one is thinking out side of the box. That's a great question! Sushi is yummy.

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Why is this up here? This comment was for #4 which seems to vanish on and off.

Sushiiiii <3

39! i know that happened to me twice yesterday then someone pmsed at me! it kinda hurt my feelings D':

that doesn't suck you suck at making first comments!

giiigiiityyy.... giiigiityyyy... giigigiigigiigigigigigigigigigigigigigii-GIGITY!!!! dont know why I have quag mire jaws in mind... but I had to share it FML's people!!

How can you hate fish. it's Yummy. and smells like Vaginas ;D JAYKAY. but seriously. fish is good...

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haha smells like vaginas?wtf all

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idk wat vaginas u smelt

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why would he put it in your car??

hey. he was kind enough to give u something nice to eat. deal with it

She'd better be a lover of fish.

I just modded this one

Thanks for telling us that

dad's and thier suprises :D haha fyl.

awww! your such a meanie! it's not his fault you didn't come out as a boy. Stick to Hannah Montanna you ungrateful hochie lol - also it is his fault he didn't get a boy lol :)

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Fish is good :P

I bet you "Metal Fish" would have loved it. his friends call him fishy and nemo. username "Metal Fish" lol