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Why didn't you notice it was your boyfriend though?



You deserved it, OP. Be more careful and understand your surroundings!

Agreed. Especially on the fact that she had to sneak him into her parents' house, meaning that OP shouldn't have been doing this in the first place. I hope you're not asking for a lot of sympathy, OP.

Seems like OP didn't think it through very well.

I agree! Did she have a bag over his head during sex for her to not recognize him in the morning?

Poor guy. Just imagine waking upto that horror.

Why didn't you notice it was your boyfriend though?

Or hers to him. Most people's brains take a little bit to boot up in the morning. You'd be surprised how often they don't even notice me creeping.

I got no idea why #2's getting thumbed up. Haven't you people ever woken up before? Or are y'all some kind of psychic supermen?

I'm usually aware of my surroundings, even if I've just woken up. Unless I was barely awake when I fell asleep (which is usually impossible because my contacts make me wake up a bit before bed), I remember what was going on. Especially when I have friends over or whatever. So, 19, I think 2 has a valid point.

What point's that? #2 asked how it's possible for OP not to recognize her boyfriend in bed, and she got a logical answer from #4. Not seeing where any "point" comes into this...

@19: I have my own room in my dorm, so I usually wake up alone, but one time I fell asleep in a friend's room while we were watching some movies. When I woke up, I instantly recognized she and her roommate, I was only disoriented for a few seconds, but only to the point of wondering why I was there before realizing that I fell asleep...

or why didn't her boyfriend try to calm her down? i don't understand how you wouldn't remember.. unless you were drunk?

I woke up from a nap once and thought I was blind, not fun.

#55, he was probably asleep

Room could of been dark or really dim and she got scared by a dark figure.

so what you're saying is that you were awake before you were asleep...?

I stay over my boyfriends house or he stays over mine about once a week and neither of us have ever woken up and freaked out, even in the first couple months. People wake up to one night stands where they don't even know the person and they don't just start screaming. I think #2 is asking a valid question.

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Why would we need to know that she is a screamer?

so if you go to bed with a cat on your bed, and you wake up and see it you would scream? similar scenario.

You let your boyfriend sneak in and next morning what the hell you would be scared for?

curious to know why you'd feel a comparison to screaming when she's scared, to screaming when she's aroused.

You do know that was a joke right?

I think 99% of people got that it was SUPPOSED to be a joke. Unfortunately, it wasn't a very funny one. Jokes need context; they can't be just random wordplay that's related in no way other than the pun itself.

That wasn't a shining moment, was it? If you need to sneak your boyfriend in though, you probably shouldn't be doing it.

Gotta love those instincts.

k uhm idk how that helps op


That must've been awkward

I'm more concerned that you didn't realize off the bat that it was your boyfriend. I guess guy waking up in your bed may be alarming but you should probably know what he looks like. Even if it is the back of his head.

if you're just waking up, it can be difficult to recogneize things. I may sound stupid but sometimes I don't even recogneize my own bedroom. Another possibility: poor eyesight.

even if OP didn't recognize him due to I don't know what they should maybe remember either something as exciting as sneaking their boyfriend in or maybe how nice it was sleeping in the same bed with the person you love?? he must be really important to you if you forget he's there with you.

Sounds like your parents were right in no allowing you to have boys spend the night...

Yeah, YDI... Lol. How stupid can you be? Haha.