By Postdotfuzz - / Tuesday 8 December 2009 00:12 / United States
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  Mirequetz  |  6

I fail to see how her being blonde has anything to do with it, unless you *actually* believe hair colour has anything to do with intelligence, in which case... I can see why you didn't do as well. I'm naturally blonde and my I.Q. is 158. Try studying harder next time.

  HookEmTexas07  |  0

I agree with 1, it's a good score and you shouldn't be pissed off because a girl actually improved over the semester.
That said, why are you only getting your midterms back? I'm already in my finals week...


your IQ is not 158. Probably it's 90 or so because you believe a stupid online test that exagerates the results (none of the so-called online IQ tests are worth a dime). Only about one in 200-300 people has an IQ above 150. Someone who would belong to that group would know that, so I say you (and every one else here claiming that IQ) is full of shit.

  nerdtastic  |  0

I had an IQ of 133 in third grade, and I'm sure it's only improved. Don't hate on anyone just because they say their IQ. That just means they are smarter than you. :)

  stonessm  |  2

Fuck off 216. Just because you are self consious of your low IQ, doesn not mean that other people cannot have an IQof 158 or higher. You know your statistic says that 1 in 200-300 people have IQs higher than 150 and since there are more than 300 people on FML, it is logical that more than 1 of them has and IQ 150+. Stupid

  Jerakl  |  21

Ok guys, we all know the tests that you get when you google "IQ Test" is bogus. If you took one at an office (or wherever you take them) fine. Also, I believe that OP was just using the hair colour to identify the person. Not apply a untrue stereotype.

  PhoenixFiend  |  0

Did anyone ever think of the fact that maybe it's just one city she didn't know? Theres towns around me that I didn't know exsisted until recently.
Detroit might be a pretty big city, but that doesn't change that she might not have done well in geography.
I was terrible in geography, but in my political science class, I had the highest grade.

  gokusaishoku  |  0

are u seriously mentally retarded??!?? it's in Michigan ,it was michigans old capital!! ur just plain retarded!!look it up before making yourself look stupid!I no this cuz I live in michigan !r YOU blonde?

  spiderman0606  |  0

If she came from out of the country then how can you blame her, and for all you know, maybe she did. You have no right to judge her. If an American decides to study at a Canadian university, let's say UBC, and on the first day we're talking about provinces and territories, it's not a big deal if you don't know where the hell Nunavut is. That doesn't make you stupid.

  tiffanyheart  |  0

It's true, in fact most of Canada didn't know where Nunavut was until 1999! That makes us all kind of dumb, doesn't it?=)

Now I hope a Canadian reads and understands this before an American does...

  npk88  |  0

Northwest Territory!

I'm such a geography nerd I also happen to know that Nunavut is a relatively new province that didn't form until 1999...so sorry to the person who posted above me; but this American beat another Canadian to it!

to the OP: You should have told her Detroit was in Texas or something!

  tiffanyheart  |  0

Lol, I was just afraid of someone saying "Canadians don't even know where it is? They sure are stupid..." But yes! And I remember the formation of Nunavut very well because I was 9 and fascinated by the commemorative toonies the mint put out!

  TeenieAmerica  |  9

@spiderman0606 I'm American and I know where Nunavut is. It's that big thing at the top of Canada with all the islands and a population of about ten people.
Also, I'm blonde. I just felt like I should mention that too.

By  glock17wielder  |  0

If this is a multiple choice test, perhaps she got lucky. Remember that a number doesn't mean anything. Plus she could have done all sorts of trickery that you didn't know about.

By  Flounder  |  2

I feel your pain. I've never gotten less than an A I've written on an essay since I've been in college, but no matter how long or hard I study for a test, I can't seem to do too well, even on multiple choice. It sucks knowing that the dumb bitch who never stops texting or talking during class is doing better on the tests than you are, but unless you're on scholarships, in certain programs, or applying to grad school, just remember that employers generally don't give a crap about your GPA, only your diploma.

By  Luckster  |  0

This happens a lot in college for some reason. My boyfriend studies his heart out all term and got like a 95% on his final, where as the kid next to him, who hardly ever showed up for class, or slept through most of them, and almost never turned anything in, for a perfect 100% on his final.


  powersticks  |  16

@#9 A lot of people, like me, never do homework and just read the books and figure stuff out on their own and score really high on tests. All I did during high school when I was home was just play video games and never did homework. I got a 3.7 or 3.8 as my GPA. And that includes getting a lot of D's and C's in my freshman year.

  Luckster  |  0

Yeah, but it does make people who actually work look bad. What made it worse was that the kid called my boyfriend out for actually studying. One of the reasons he prefers to just take online courses these days, so he doesn't have to put up with that bullshit.

  Mikeymikey  |  4

i'm sorry but that's life. some people are just brighter that others. you just have to move on. i've seen okes like that too.. all of us have. but seriously it would never make me go take online courses. i would on the other hand try to learn from these genuises and their methods of thinking. It might be useful someday. and screw the damn %. what you get out of it is knowledge and the know-how. No one cares about the grades to a certain degree. specially around 95%


  Etherial  |  0

When I was in high school, there were guys there would be the type to "never study" and "get high" right before a test and they were the ones that also go the 95s and up in just about everything - despite the fact that the class we were in was one of the hardest.

As it turns out, they were also the type of people that would only SAY they didn't study when, really, they had studied together hours the night before. And sure they would get high every so often, but not before a test.

My point? The blonde could've been faking the "I'm blonde and dumb." It seems to be working excellently for her.


Alot of women dumb themselves down to make them seem bubbly and "cute". The truth is, any guy worth something would want someone who actually knew how to solve 2+2 without using thier fingers.

  redbluegreen  |  40

Well, being one of those people who tests really well and never really studies, I can sort of understand how someone else could be upset about it. People just remember and think things differently then others. For me it's all about motivation and challenges, where as I've never felt much motivation to do homework or study, but I'll do enough to do good on tests, and when I take, say, state testing, I get in the top 5% without even trying.

It really wasn't fair of the OP though to think that. I mean, the girl's probably had a huge turn around in her school year and has learned a lot. That, or I agree with psychoxxxinvader. She's just flirting with you, thinking it's cute. 'Course guys always want girls to be dumber then them, so they can "help" and have the girls depend on them. I hate that mindset.

  dudeitsdanny  |  9

I'm also one of these people who never study. It's rather scary, actually, to think that I have no study skills to use if I ever do need to study. I really just show up to class, take some notes(not always) and go home. I only do big, important homework assignments(at the last minute), and then take the tests. I actually got a perfect score on a test that I didn't show up to any of the lessons for. Just sat through the 20 minutes of "last minute questions" people had for the professor. It's enjoyable.
Then again, i should have studied for my Anthro final that I missed 10% of the classes for ;D That shit's hard =P

#111: I also hate the mindset that some girls have that all guys are the same, or that every guy wants a dumb girl. I hate dumb girls, actually. I love my nerds. The second i talk to a girl via text or online and she mixes up her grammar and says stuff like "your" instead of "you're" or anything similar, she's out.

So don't judge all of us =) Some of us like our beauties with a brain. Or our average-looking girls with a brain ;D

  mae_pixi  |  0

@154: I agree. My study skills are nil. And my good grades are a reinforcement for procrastinating. I'm thinking I need to fix this before grad school xD

By  GreenAlbatross  |  3

pff. I got a four on the AP US history test and my teacher made us learn geography. I can't remember what state Detroit is in. YDI for being a self-righteous fuck monkey and get over the fact that a blonde person might actually be smarter than you.

I'm sorry if that came out a bit harsh...but if you're going to bitch about getting a lower score than someone who can't remember the exact location of a city on a test for a subject that has nothing to do with specific geography, you are, in fact, a scum-sucking invertebrate that doesn't seem to be worthy of its central nervous system.

  little_otter  |  0

#13...not knowing what state Detroit is in = pathetic.
Seriously, that level of stupid is mind-boggling. It makes me cringe knowing that your generation will someday be in charge of making decisions for this society.


I can explain how 90% of you organs work on the cellular level. I know the basic procedures and theories of practice for multiple invasive surgeries. I am on my way to an EMT certification. I am better educated in basic medicine than most first year med students and I'm an 18 year old freshman in college. I deeply regret my shortcomings in geographical knowledge, but I think it's reasonable because I'm studying a field that doesn't require me to know that, and I've lived in the same city in California my entire life. I do apologize for not knowing about areas I've never been to.

I'm going to be going into Cardiac Surgery. I hope to God I get to see you on the table for a painful and risky procedure because you stressed yourself into cardiac arrest and myocardial infarction by worrying about things THAT DO NOT MEAN SHIT.

  Sappheyes  |  0

Exactly, you can be an expert in many areas, but still be lacking knowledge in others. And occasionally, people do forget some common knowledge. It's jokingly referred to as a "brain fart," and it happens to everyone.

Aside from the OP getting all high and mighty over the girl asking one question, the main reason I clicked YDI is his apparent prejudice against blondes. I might even say sexism, since I can easily imagine a college boy who thinks that all stereotypically attractive girls are also stereotypically stupid. Perhaps that's making a leap, but he still demonstrated ridiculous notions about someone's intelligence based on their appearance.

  katieb23  |  0

There's a difference between not knowing where a small town in New Mexico is at on a map versus not knowing where a major U.S. city, like Detroit, is located.

  erhyme3  |  0

Agreeing with #86, this is nothing like no knowing a small city in new Mexico. Detroit is a big city, and on top of that the OP is from Wisconsin. That it like me living in Georgia and not knowing which state Orlando is in.

  rx0829  |  0

Just because the OP is from Wisconsin doesn't mean the girl in his class is from there. People attend colleges from all over the country, even the world. And honestly, Detroit isn't even the capital of Michigan, so I can't blame the girl for not knowing. I know where it is because I am from a surrounding state, but if I was from California I doubt I would know. Also, anyone who gets pissed at people who get better grades than them is an idiot. You have no way of knowing how much she studied, and even if she didn't, would you study if you knew you could get a 92% without doing so? Didn't think so.

  katieb23  |  0

I don' think that's entirely true. I'm from the Detroit area, but I know where Chicago is, and I know Anaheim is in California. It's not that difficult to know what state a major city of the county you live in is located.


eh. I know general regions, but I'm crap with names...of anything. I've forgotten my own middle name more than once just because I never use it. I go by visual recognition to recall where things are, and I've never been to Detroit. But I can find about a hundred smaller towns in the Midwest and Northeast parts of the country because I went on a road trip through them. Bottom line: I have trouble remembering the location of places I've never been to or studied.

  weinerdog  |  2

You've got to be kidding. There are certain things(ie. BASIC geography, prominent cities, events) that ALL Americans should know, regardless of their level of education or 'expertise'. Any of that is just a lame attempt at justifying ignorance, which is much too prevalent in the U.S.


Ok, tell me where Azerbaijan is. It's in a politically relevant area of the world. Or maybe you're one of those people who couldn't find Iraq and Afghanistan on a map of Southwest Asia. Detroit is one city in the Midwest that sits on a large body of water and has an industrial focus. What more do I need to know than that? Come back to me when you can correctly label a map with the names of every country and region of the world properly (Watch out for things like the fact that there is no such thing as the "Middle East". Bonus points if you can tell me why.). Excuse me for not knowing my cities.

  mae_pixi  |  0

Ok so even if someone could say that not knowing what state Detroit is in is "pathetic," that still doesn't make the girl stupid. Just because someone doesn't brush up on their U.S. news doesn't make them stupid (at least in the sense of IQ level). When I check the news, it's usually either my state, my county, or world news; I know Detroit is mentioned VERY rarely in the first two, and I don't see it often enough to remember it in world news. Maybe you could call me ignorant, but don't call me stupid. Detroit just doesn't happen to be high up on my list of priorities. And at least the girl was curious enough to ask where it was.

Oh and btw, I would be exactly the sort of person to ask where Detroit is and turn around and get a 92 on a test, all on my own effort. And I am definitely not stupid.