By Moeswifey - 24/10/2010 17:11 - United States

Today, I woke up to my boyfriend making breakfast. I thought he was making it for me, so I sat at the table. When he walked over with his plate, he said, "Oh, I didn't know you were here!" I'd slept in the same bed with him last night. FML
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maybe he meant he didnt know you were in the kitchen with him?

sallen0046 4

Why would you assume he was making breakfast for you when there was only one plate? Next time, open your mouth and say hello before sitting down to be fed as though he were your servant.


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lol ai am gaigantik doosher plz vote meh dwn i liek corn hawhaw

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**** you for editing my comment asshole!!

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bc you weren't suppose to spend the night...DUH!!

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14 Nobody laughed. now somebody is gonna say "i laughed" or "i thought it was funny" just to troll me

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...and that wouldnt be gangsta.

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That's sad that spinning in a chair is your version of a "little fun". Fun is working your way up the corporate ladder, and after that incident, the only way your going to do that, is to walk in to your bosses office say you've been a very bad girl or boy and need a spanking.

babelini 12

#80, it's sad that u completely mixed up the FMLs.

Elixa 0

good one 83, very mature of you... good one.

Elixa 0

I was being sarcastic you pig nosed *****.

babelini 12

same here. if u can dish sarcasm i thought u could see it coming? lol. why are u so mad at me? u said its sad for the previous OP his idea of fun is spinning in a chair and i'm just saying it like u said it, its sad u mixed up the FML. i mean, seriously, chill. u know u posted the same comment at the next FML post too right?

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Guys stop. We are replying to comment #1. Therefore, we must talk about corn. Corn is good. Corn on the cob is better. Canned corn is worse. Cornholio is the best of them all.

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ok so I guess there was just a miscommunication on both of our parts then. Sorry I insulted you, and no I was unaware that I had mistaking posted it to another fml as well, which one is it?

What is cornholio :o (from the UK, don't hate)

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Woah, hey now 14, what's with all the Texas hating? Totally uncalled for. Texas is actually a pretty good state, and no we aren't a bunch of southern hicks, I attend a high school in Texas that is in the top 75 in the US. Though that may not mean much to you Brits...

KaleidoscopePope 0

maybe he ment he didn't know she was at the table. and why would you think that because he was making food, it was for you?haha

maybe she shouldve made him a sandwich

zetteymonsterxo 0

maybe he meant he didnt know you were in the kitchen with him?

ohthebloodygore 16

Better question: Why wouldn't she be in the kitchen?

It's okay op he probably has bad memory.

ohthebloodygore 16

Or... she wasn't worth remembering.

you birthday is three days be for min same year mine is 10/31 and yours is on my parent aniverery I was born three days after the wedding

he is cuz he can make bfast for you if he only remembered you

He probably thought that you were still sleeping.

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sourgirl101 28

I do love a guy that knows how to cook. It's a plus if they also made their bed. If he did, he'd found you sleeping there.

there's Saddam! right next to you! zing!

sourgirl101 28

Where have you been girlie? Taken a break from FML?(: and 27 it's always the ones with no picture that talk the most smack. That joke was funny the first 20 times I've heard it. Don't forget that my husband also looks like Dragon Ball Z's- Mr. (Hercule) Satan.

nope... I was "thrown out" get it?? :( but I'm here again!!