By jesifairy - 13/04/2012 04:46 - Australia

Today, I told my girlfriend that I would still care for her if she was a vegetable. She informed me that if I was a potato, she would cut me into chips. And fry me. FML
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This is so romantic.

Duh? Who wouldn't! X)

If he was trying to be romantic, this was a kinda weird thing to say..

Whats the hardest part of a vegetable to eat? ...The wheelchair

Well you do sound quite delicious..

Wtf kind of conversation is that?

If you're into that kind of thing.

Mmmm, fish and chips. Sounds yummy and kinky if he's the chips...

Very kinky. She wants you inside of her.

she has a good theory

hahahahaha i loved the FML action!! comment buried!! haahahah

111 you should have just put an arrow sideways ( < ) pointing at your profile pic:p

Tell her to add salt and pepper as well.

Do vegetables have sexual desires?

A previous OP would say that zucchinis do...

Cucumbers have wicked souls

Why you here papaya nobody likes you.

Yes, yes they do. They're the most kinky, sexual produce. Even meat can't keep up with the wild vegetable.

Yes, but pineapples are much hornier than cucumbers.

At least she thinks you're tasty?

Well at least she's creative, that is to be treasured.

Mm, potatoes, I want you in and around my mouth.

followingtheyellowbrickroad - I started smiling like an idiot when I read that.


That's what she said

Can't let a potato go to waste!

Ah… young love

I read this in the spongebob narrater voice.

I actually LOL-ed at this FML.

Did you mean a literal vegetable or, like, if she was in a coma?

Like a vegetative state...