By Anonymous
Today, it's been weeks since I made a Facebook page to arrange something for my birthday as no one was able to attend last year on short notice. Everyone was game but now everyone is flaking. One friend even said, "I'll see who RSVPs and then decide." FML
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By  chosha_fml  |  25

Unless you’ve planned something strange or expensive (and even then, they shouldn’t have indicated they were keen), your friends are being unreliable and lame.

By  RichardPencil  |  30

Facebook has cheapened the meaning of the words “friend” and “like.”

Real friends who really like you would certainly come to your birthday party. You may want to get off the Orwellian-named “social media.” Winston Smith knows it’s asocial!

By  Yudith  |  20

How about instead of this lame birthday party, you plan the day of your dreams for your birthday, for you alone. Just take a bunch of selfies to document the whole thing and post them on your Facebook page. Have fun!

By  pins91  |  27

They’re not your friends bud. Sorry.