By Is_This_Real - 13/09/2016 02:34 - United States - Pittsburgh

Today, I hooked up with a friend. I expressed an interest in it becoming something more. He expressed an interest in not telling anyone and pretending it never happened. FML
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Sucks. But you got your answer.

TheEpicKitten 20

That really sucks, but if this was a legitimate mistake on his part you should probably let it go


Sucks. But you got your answer.

TheEpicKitten 20

That really sucks, but if this was a legitimate mistake on his part you should probably let it go

What mistake? They hooked up and then OP changed the plan and wanted more. Yeah it sucks that he didn't, but I don't see how he made a mistake. Unless you're saying the mistake is sleeping with OP, which is a rather nasty thing to say.

When someone says they want to pretend the event that just occurred never happened and have no interest in telling anyone, they consider what just happened a mistake. This is exactly what the friend told OP, so yes, he considers sleeping with her a mistake. It is a nasty things to say, and it probably hurts to hear, but that's how he feels.

Or they simply consider it a bunch of harmless fun but don't want mutual friends to hear about it and constantly make jokes.

TheEpicKitten 20

What I meant by mistake was more along the lines of him being drunk or something

I know what you mean but although things suck for the OP it's not like he used her or was dishonest in any way. That's why I'm not fond of saying this was his mistake. Yeah he says he'd like to pretend it didn't happen but that's after OP said she'd like it to be more. It could just be a clumsy way to try to revert to being just friends.

That's rarely ever a good idea but it definitely seems so at the time. hope you can get this figured out OP. And for what it's worth, it's only awkward if you two let it be awkward.

Least you know how he feels now. Still sucks tho op, sorry

I'm sorry OP. It's a shitty thing to find out and there's really not anything I could say to make you feel better. However I can tell you that you'll get over this, and you'll find someone who has equal feelings for you as you do to them

The riskiest thing about hooking up with friends. The potential to make or break the friendship. Best of luck, OP.

so now you know he's not it. an please OP, please whatever you do, don't let him use you for sex or that -friends with benefits, but don't let anyone know- shit! for the sake of all of us truly loving women, fight the desire of being with that heartless guy and start loving and respecting yourself more!!

So when a dude is not interested in a serious relationship, he's heartless? And when a woman does decide she's ok with a friends-with-benefits-type of thing, that means she's not loving and respecting herself enough? I mean, don't get me wrong, I do think that in this case it would probably be a bad idea, as OP has feelings for the guy, but your well-meant advise sounds awfully judgemental.

Maybe 7 is the one who needs to love and respect herself more.

You should have probably told them that BEFORE sleeping with them, but that would be too logical I guess.

Unless of course she only started wanting more after sleeping with him. As happens really often.

Shouldn't you have asked him that before sleeping with him? He probably sees you as easy now, and any hopes of a relationship is out the window.

I don't think beginning any relationship with sex will lead you anywhere you want to be.. Until you know someone's darkest secrets and carry them as your own will you truly have what you seek and that is Something that isn't immune to being materialistic and also knowing no one is perfect is a good place to start forgiveness is the only way to true happiness