By fuckyoudeadgunnuts - United States - San Francisco
Today, I met my Canadian friend at the airport. As we were heading into the city, I told him not to worry about all the US stereotypes and that gun crime in my city is rare. A few hours later, we witnessed a guy get shot in the street in broad daylight. Now he's too scared to leave the house. FML
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  the_real_dvd  |  21

Pretty sure every study shows that the less restrictive it is for law abiding people to own guns, the lower the crime rates. That's something the gun control fanatics won't tell you.

  RedPillSucks  |  31

pretty sure that studies have shown that those guns are more likely to get stolen or used to shoot a family member or acquaintance.

your argument also doesn't explain why countries with stricter gun laws have less gun violence than the US

  Ichiya  |  29

If law abiding citizens lose guns we might have less accidents, but I doubt the criminals misusing guns will follow the gun laws. If they did we wouldn't have this issue to begin with. Besides violent people will find other weapons to use in their crimes.

  NotCharlieRost  |  15

Guns are fine. What's not fine are giant full auto rifles that people can go buy easily. There is absolutely NO reason for those to be legal, other than its "fun to shoot" and unfortunately it may be fun to shoot but shooting it can hurt people

  Geekman2  |  10

38, you are correct, but remember that families that own cars are exponentially more likely to be involved in car accidents, that statistic is incidental.

As for "other countries", Japan, Australia, and Britain, are three off the top of my head with total bans on guns and zero gun crime. But all those have at least one essential factor in common, they're islands, meaning there is a physically limited number of points of entry into the country.

And, here's another couple statistics for you, Japan has one of the highest suicide rates in the world, Australia passed their gun control laws over a decade ago, their homicide rate has not dropped appreciably (people just use other stuff), Britain has contemplated mandating shatterproof pints in order to curb "pint glass violence"

The fact of the matter is, all the statistics quoted above, by me and others, are correct, but none of them tell the whole story


Yeah, I've never seen someone get shot in my life so I wouldn't say that is "typical" I have heard of plenty of shootings in other countries too. Bad generalization.

By  gosh_mate  |  30

As someone who has travelled to America, it's actually so scary to witness anything like this (when you're from a country with strict gun laws). I hadn't even seen a gun up close until I was in America and I'm 20 y/o.
But then again, there are risks with every choice a person makes, including getting in a car.

  KaidensCrow  |  18

I live in America... and while it's not an everyday occurrence...... well.... you won't witness it everyday... but yes I suppose at least one person gets shot every day in the USA... I guess I'm not being very helpful lol... you just have to go to the right places... avoid the high crime cities and you should be good.

By  MrSassypants  |  32

That must suck. I live in America but thankfully I never see that. The only time I have seen anyone get shot is when my brothers and I went to go get our vaccination shots.