By Jayne - 29/03/2012 04:45 - United States

Today, my professor called me out in the middle of a lecture to ask why I was bleeding. I then had to explain to him, in front of around one hundred of my fellow classmates, that my largest zit had burst. FML
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Ohhh. Ok. For a second there I thought you were bleeding from somewhere else

You could've just acted like you didn't know, would've saved you the embarrassment


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That's what you get for picking zits in class.

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^ this. And why didn't you just say "I cut myself" or "I have a nosebleed"?

I don't think #1 was picking zits in his/her class. You have no proof! Oh, you meant OP? Then go make your own post instead of thread jacking. Sorry if I sound mean I'm on hour 7 of 10 into my shift at a children's play place. But you know...I do have a point. (also I realize that this is in some sense thread jacking so there's no need to point it out).

57 - You may want to gather your thoughts before posting next time.

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You shouldn't be messing with it in the first place!

You do know that zits can burst without a person playing with it. They will grow so much that the skin will no longer stretch and it will just pop.

Sometimes I'll just scratch my face and pop one. It sucks.

You could've just acted like you didn't know, would've saved you the embarrassment

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It seems so goddamn simple and obvious, doesn't it #3? but for some reason, I see FMLs like OP's more often than not. I can't for the life of me understand why they always think they have to say the actual, embarrassing reason instead of saying, well, anything else really.

I'd rather 'admit' to stabbing myself with a pencil than say I popped a zit

Ohhh. Ok. For a second there I thought you were bleeding from somewhere else

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Lol. I thought that, as well.

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I too reason with your opinion 4.

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Or you could say that a scab just started bleeding. Doesn't imply there was a zit therefore saving imbarresement(?)

There's no reason to speak into the microphone.... If you didn't, I'm pretty sure no one would have heard you considering it would be a relatively large lecture theatre. Sucks if he asked you this while you were still sitting in your seat amongst your fellow class mates, and had to yell so he could hear you.

I think OP means the professor yelled out to him across the room?

OP never mentioned anything about a microphone.

18 - Ok assuming there is no microphone, and OP was called out to the front, how would anyone in a large lecture theatre over hear a conversation held at normal conversation decibels?

marinus- You just answered your own question. You said it is a large theater yourself. So, assuming this is true, and the students were being relatively quiet, even a pin drop would sound like a bomb going off, let alone a conversation between the prof. and student. Ever heard of an echo?

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I should say you are mildly exaggerating regarding the amplifying effect of a large theatre on sound, #26. Even in a big, quiet theatre, a conversation held between two specific people would most definitely not be heard throughout the entire place- unless they would be yelling it, of course. This has nothing to do with marinus' comments, of course, just yours. Specifically the pin-drop bomb-like part.

Wait, when did he say he was in a large lecture theatre? Believe it or not, some colleges have smaller classes. And even some classes at large universities are relatively small. Edit: never mind, it says "around 100 other students" I'll slink away now.

26, do you even go to college? In my lecture theatres the prof cannot speak to the audience without the use of a microphone. The sound of a pin dropping going off like a bomb is highly unlikely. Not even under exam conditions would I hear a pin drop on the floor.

36, to be fair I have lectures that have 30 people in it or less. So it is possible that they don't have to use the microphone.

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I've got classes of 80+ people where the rooms are relatively small and the teacher barely has to raise his voice. I've never been in a class needing a microphone, and the bigger rooms don't require yelling.

'professor called out to me' Read it and stop arguing about a microphone.

#60, "it says called me out" not "called out to me." 46, there were 100 classmates there... Not 30

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Op probably meant "put her on the spot" when she said "called me out". It's a very often used slang in the states.

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Well, your name describes alot about you.

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Yeah seriously. Hell even saying "I'm honestly not sure what happened" would have been sufficient.

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I guess he was wondering what was going to be the fate of your numerous smaller zits. You sound delightful ;)

Perhaps your teacher or a classmate will gift you with some ProActiv. Take care of your skin OP!

Just because someone has pimples does not mean they don't look after their skin.

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Pro-active sucks anyways. It gave me a rash all over my face. :p

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Proactiv does suck. Especially if your skin is already almost completely clear- it gave me horrible skin for a week

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If your skin is that disgusting, go to the damn dermatologist. It is SO disgusting.

Um it does mean you don't care of your skin. I used to work for Estée Lauder. Never used proactiv myself but if you use the right products for your skin type you should never have that many breakouts or an exploding large pimple.

52- that's crap I have pimples because of my hormone levels not because I don't wash my skin. Plus a teenager can wash their face with the best if the best morning night everyday and still have pimples.

59- there is more to skincare than washing your face. It's using the right cleanser, it's exfoliating so the pores don't clog, it's replenishing the moisture levels that even the most gentle of cleansers will strip away. One of the biggest mistakes I've seen teens make is to use a face wash for oily skin and then not moisturize. It actually will make you more oily because your skin tries to rehydrate with your oil glands verses water from a moisturizer. I'm not saying you will never breakout but consistently following a proper skincare routine will definitely keep you from being able to play connect the dots with your blemishes.

And what about the people tht do it right and yet still get pimples

Dw me 2 and past the teen years sucks balls

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What part of go to the dermatologist don't you people understand? If Proactive or any other over the counter products don't clear up your skin, get a prescription for something that will. If your hormones are that absolutely out of whack, get on some medicine to regulate them because it's not good for ANY part of your body for your hormones to be that bad. Or if you don't want to do that, put some goddam concealer and foundation on so we don't have to see it.

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You sound like a real winner. Maybe you should put as much effort into educating yourself on acne, acne medication and dermatology as you do on judging people and then you can come back on and possibly write something intelligent!!

This FML makes me a bit confused; it sounds as if though OP's teacher was upset with him/her for bleeding.