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Today, as I was leaving for my chemistry exam, I stepped on one of the countless sheets of chemistry notes that littered the floor following last night's studying. I managed to slip and knock myself out in my own living room. FML
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oj101 33

Me: Want to hear a joke about Sodium Hypobromide? OP: NaBrO. I'm O K


Laurenluvz 11

I'm guessing you couldn't come up with something good for a first comment. You clearly have not studied for something long enough. Usually, if someone wants a really good grade, they tend go focus on that and only that.

That's funny, because I'm in college and am graduating with honors, and I don't ever have papers all over the floor.

OscarDV 8

What is it with people and the first comment? They were the "first" to possibly read and then share their opinion with the FML community. And god forbid someone post something someone else doesn't agree with, because there comes that 1 or several people badgering the user commenting. It's their opinion, let them be.

22- not everyone is like you; they're better.

24- Well that was a quick/rash conclusion, was it not?

Studying hard doesn't mean you just throw things everywhere. Organization helps more than anything, what if you want to find a single sheet that you threw on the ground out of the countless many? That's like throwing your clothes on the ground because you are searching for a specific shirt to wear and don't need the rest. Don't be a slob!

Damian95 16

I can already hear his mother "Were you raised in a lab?!"

Yes 35, so it shouldn't be taken seriously.

When I study through hell and back til midnight, usually tend not to clean anything and hit the sheets, once I'm finished studying and fully exhausted. Granted I don't just leave papers in the floor like OP, but a lot of my notes end up being rummaged up.

dmoran20 27

Lol #22 you felt the need to tell a bunch of strangers you were graduating with honors? More than likely you just tell us that reoccurring dream you keep having. But hey, if I makes u feel better then congrats.

No, I was trying to make the point that I do study hard and receive good grades without being a slob. I'm sorry if I wasn't clear enough for you to understand...

dmoran20 27

My fault, trauma aside, congrats!!!

Well that's just a lesson to clean up after yourself as you go along. Hope you still managed to go through with the exam!

There's some real chemistry going on with you and your livingroom op!

Javee 17

I know one about Oxygen and Potassium but that's OK.

SApprentice 34

Hey, I wonder if OP hit his neon the floor when he fell? That's just not right, He should work on his concentration.

Lets hope we that head injury we don't have to Barium :/

I make chemistry jokes too... Periodically

I was going to make a helium joke, but it wasn't that funny. HeHe. Everyone else who's thinking about making a chemistry pun - I've got my ion you.

SenselessPattern 12

OP needs to increase his/her energy levels and stop lying around on the ground.

Thursday737 7

Why are we worrying about FMLs? the superbowl is tomorrow and I need to make some guacaMOLE. better go get some Avacadros.

These Chemistry puns are really starting to Bohr me.

coolboy675 16

I predict the next chemistry joke won't have a Reaction

SApprentice 34

How long were you knocked out? You may really want to go to a doctor or emergency room, if you have not already. Anytime you hit your head hard enough to force you unconscious there has been damage done. The brain is a gentle thing, so you need to be careful. I also agree with the earlier comments, now you know to clean up after yourself.

OP, you may not "want to," but do as he says ^^^. Next stop: Emergency Room. Don't **** with head trauma. Do you want your brain as disorganized as your floor?

Being messy is a formula for failure, not an recipe for success.

oj101 33

Me: Want to hear a joke about Sodium Hypobromide? OP: NaBrO. I'm O K


Haha I see what you did there !

Sodium bromidoxide does not exist, your arguement is invalid.

Its Sodium bromate, not "Sodium bromidoxide", and it exists

ulissey_fml 22

Oh, please! I teach the darn kids all day that it is spellt "tAUGHt".Then they go and read mistakes all over the web.

It's also spelled "spelt", if we're going to be freaking out about little mistakes.

not everyone is a native English speaker, duly noted tought (correct use of the term here)

Ydi, being messy leads to things like this.

ulissey_fml 22

So, that exam? ? Okay? Missed?

Hmm well you probably should have cleaned up after studying.. Like not leaving papers everywhere and what have you, but I understand the stress of exams and studying to the point of literally just falling asleep with study guide in hand. I'm going to go with FYL on this one. I hope you got to your exam.