By lip - 24/12/2008 08:40 - France

Today, I was jerking off in the train washroom when the ticket inspector knocked at the door. I was nearly done so I didn't open right away. I didn't think he would have the key…I found myself face to face with him and three other passengers. The worst being I didn't have a ticket. FML
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"I get off by jerking off in public bathrooms, FML."

Why would you jack off on a train you ******* weirdo?? That's disgusting, blue balls or not.


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Quick, I think it's trying to communicate

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@ comment #3 If he did it in Germany, the fine is somewhere in the 500 Euro (($700 American) range. That's a lot of money to spend for some public transportation sex.

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it's number 8 that talked bout std's smart one, you are the dumb shit

hey #7, you replied to the wrong one just to be seen, ironically you made yourself look stupid.

why would u be jerking off in a train bathroom? r u trying to get an std??

Hey pal you just blow in from stupid town

you can't get an std from masturbating

Better than on the train. Surely he shouldn't unlock the bathroom if someone is in there? You might have said: one minute! ?

inlimbo11 0

"I get off by jerking off in public bathrooms, FML."

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me to we should have sex in a public bathroom of course!!! wow I am getting off just thinking about it......oh baby I also love masturbation it feels sooo good

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Any of you guys ever consider that he might've had blue balls or something? When your balls feel like they're gonna pop, you're gonna wanna do something about it asap, even if it is kinda freaky.... but seriously....that's kinda gross as shit.

that's what you get for not paying


i_needa_username 17

Why the HELL would you do that ???? Why the HELL didn't you have a ticket??? Why the HELL are you so ******* stupid??

Blatantly fake. Fair enough make a fake post if it is the tiniest bit believable, but this was a terrible attempt. Why on earth would the guy unlock the door while you are in there. Secondly since when did carriages have keys for the bathroom, never unless traisn were designed horribly in america compared to britain.

angela3222 0

You ass, this was in France not America.

DoorMatCat 3

what if someone using the bathroom had a stroke/ heart attack? don't you think it would be appropriate for an employee to have a key of some sort if you're in serious medical trouble and can't open the door?

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U retard it was in France and America is da shit **** Brit *******

did you cum on him and the passengers?