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Today, the guy I have loved for seven years asked me to move in with him. Turns out he only did so because he needed someone to pay the rent since he's quit his job. FML
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if u move in I'll come s.l.a.p u myself


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Yah don't you deserve better then this low life loser I'd leave him like 5 bucks be like go buy yourself a pack of cigs to deal with the stress and maybe while your there you can apply for a job!

wow, cigs must be cheap there. It's like $18-20 a pack here in Aus. Not like I care cuz I dont smoke anyways..

He is just trying to tell you women just don't belong in the kitchen anymore. They are allowed to take care of men now too. You should be celebrating.

wow.. 20$?! it's like 7 here. If it was 20$ u probably wouldn't be smoking at this age.. would be a lot better.

yes everything is so expensive here in Australia :-(

Holy hell, $20 a pack? Then again, taxing them like that probably stops a lot of people from picking it up in the first place.

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Its not $20 a pack here dude. Im in sydney and its $12 on average. More expensive going upto about $16 but not $20. I also dont smoke though, so doesnt bother me. For the FML. Laxative his food and move out. Or just accept that he used you and continue being used, at least you have company right?

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yeah, wtf get it back, idc about twoo wrongs dont make a right.

number 9 why on earth would you leave 5 bucks behind, do you know how much you can buy with that? I don't care if it's a saying, it's so damn stupid!

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if u move in I'll come s.l.a.p u myself

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...Why did you spell Slap like s.l.a.p?

I think you should. then you can do all the cooking and cleaning like all women should.

What a twat. I suggest you get out of there and find someone who actually appreciates you.

Well, he is only using using her to pay try so I think that dumping him as appropriate in this situation.

Hmm, that's a fair point. I still think that it's not fair for him to use Op for that though. He should ask her to move in when he's ready, not when he's needing to pay for rent.

Were they? I don't get that vibe from this FML. It sounds like one of those 'He finally made a move on me, but it was a shitty move' sort of FMLs.

I didn't think they were together either.

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Who said they're even together?. . We know how FMLS usually revolve around people who "love" but have never bothered to share the feelings - He could very well be asking a friend to help pay the rent by moving in because he has extra space, who knows. My friend asked me to borrow $600 2 weeks ago because he was having a rent issue and even though I NEVER loan out money I knew it was a dire situation so I gave it to him - Should I 'dump him' as a friend because he swallowed his pride to ask for help?

Well if OPs boyfriend or whatever he is had simply asked her for money and explained his situation instead like your friend did instead of asking her to move in and play with OPs feelings, then I'm sure OP would've had more sympathy and tried to help him out instead if feeling used.

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Notice the wording "the guy I have loved for seven years" we don't even know if this guy knows she loves him. She didn't use the word boyfriend which implies they're not together - Which means it's likely this guy just knows her as "a friend". . .You girls need to stop assuming that guys can read your mind

Oh, come on guys, the FML clearly states 'the guy I have loved'. It's NOT her boyfriend. So, I am going to give a very big YDI. Firstly because OP loves someone for 7 years (!) whilst 1) he isn't interested in her or 2) she didn't dare to ask. Secondly because OP seems so ******* desperate that she is willing to immediately move in with a guy who's not her partner nor a good friend (I think so because otherwise, OP should have known about his financial status). Thirdly because OP didn't even talk about the practical information with him, like, the rent.

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We have no idea if OP talked about rent information - That wouldn't be something you'd put in the FML unless it were party of the FML, really, I imagine they talked about it [which is how she found out he was recently unemployed] - If they were paying uneven rent I'm sure the FML would have stressed that. However, I agree with everything else you mentioned.

Only one person implied that they were together. What are you getting so excited about? 'You girls need to stop assuming'? You're the one who's assuming.

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So I put "the guy I have loved" because we dated for 2 years, drifted apart, broke up even though i still had feelings for him, and now are best friends. He knows I still love him and want to be with him. I need a place to live since I moved back to my hometown and He quit his job the day before I moved back. Then deciding it would be a good way for his rent to get paid asked me to move in with him because he knew i would just so i could be around him more.

Clearly 7 is the number of fullness. He's full of shit, and you should move out.

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hikery dickery dockedery do ur moms a hooker and so are u

slap. Thats all I have to say. maybe even a bitch slap

Turn him down, then. And tell him he's a dumbass for thinking of that.