By Anonymous - 14/03/2011 19:52 - United States

Today, I spent almost two hours cleaning my fish tank, only to find out that my cat had secretly eaten all of my fish while I was cleaning the tank. FML
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eat the cat teach it a lesson.

Your cat never watched Nemo? Fish are friends, not food!


who likes fish sticks

haha I don't have a cat so it can't eat my fish


Gay fish who likes fish sticks with lots of tarter sauce

donkeyshlong42 1

and whale seamen

that makes me sad :(

sandiiii 0

you're picture makes me happy ^.^ xD

persianjr1 7

i can speak whale. woooohhhhhaaaaaa!!! moahhhhh. ( guess the reference)

C6Racer 0

That sounded a little orca-ish.

ImmortalKratos 0 least it won't get dirty again anytime soon


I already jizzed...

thats what u get for owning a cat.....if it was "Man's best friend" do you think that woulda happened? nooooooo

No the dog would have just drank the water :p

AshRedPokemon 2

u fail!

but the fish would be like wet kibble and just be eaten

what a naughty pussy

cats are only good for target practice

Fuck that cat. Get a dog

eat the cat teach it a lesson.

hahahaha good one!

you can't the cat is poisonous

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Got_any_grapes1 4

Dont eat the cat! Eat some grapes instead.

You wouldn't be able to anyway... (ninja cat)

ate your fish while cleaning the tank? where did you put them?

CherryBomb511 3

On the couch so they can watch some tv while drinking a beer.

hahaha you made me laugh

and I love your tattoo

maybe you should have fed your cat more often :D

Lol, naughty kitty. My cat would do the same, he is sneaky and will eat anything!

GoodLookingGeese 10

it's Garfield!!!

I thought something seemed "fishy." Don't be a "pussy" about it, but it seems your feline companion thinks he is the "cat's pajamas." I just hope he can keep his "paws off" next time. But for now, the previous residents of your tank are "sleeping with the fishes."

Just a tip, this would've been funnier if you left off all of the quotation marks.

You "mean" that putting things in "quotes" doesn't make them "funnier?" I have a "bone" to pick with my "boyfriend."

14- I was going to say the same thing. not all people on FML are complete idiots. We can see a pun when it's used.

lex416 0

wow personally with or without doesn't really matter but, I thought it was funny :p

effstephslife 0

agree..wouldve been way funnier without the quotation marks

cptmorgan15 2

Let's just leave the puns to DocBastard.

go kitty kitty!

memo619 0

kitty:1 fish: 0 OP: -1

looks like it's time for new fish lmao