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  Marcella1016  |  31

Of course it made sense. She was torn. She didn't "want" to but she "had" to because, like she said in the end, she'd "be better off alone." Not sure why because obviously I don't know the ins and outs of your relationship, but sucks for you, OP.

Like other people said, plenty of other fish in the sea :)

  kimmi41509  |  10

Because in a guys point of view either it is or it isn't. Girls are different. So he must have understood it first as she still wanted to be with him, and then she said the opposite. With girls, they think of the "in between." Guys don't.

  Locoluis  |  15

I understood the situation perfectly. This relationship had to end because it was doing more harm than good.

I don't think anyone wants to break up from a relationship unless there are big reasons to do so. She expressed her wish that things were going differently, that the relationship could be saved somehow and you could continue together.

But it seems that it's no longer possible, for reasons the OP most likely refuses to accept. Sometimes it's better to say good-bye than to keep beating a dead horse.

  simplylost643  |  0

#78- "Sometimes it's better to say good-bye than to keep beating a dead horse". Sometimes? Exactly who, in their right mind, would continue to beat a dead horse anyway?

  randii_17  |  11

I agree. Op should give her time and space to sort through her thoughts, and he just might end up with a girlfriend who respects him more than ever for giving her that. :)

By  YayFlameWarz  |  9

Expect a call in the very near future where she is either: A. Crying hysterically(sp?) begging for you back or B. Claiming you were the worst thing to ever happen to her and she's glad she left. Either way best of luck.

  perdix  |  29

You're telling me! One day your nailing this great pair of casabas, and next thing you know, you're married to her and all you're getting is an endless diet of honeydews!

Poor bastard, indeed!