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Today, while waiting for a bus, someone started smoking at the bus shelter, which is illegal in my city. I politely asked him to stop smoking, citing the city ordinance. He just cackled and said that if I'm so concerned about the state of my health, I should start by losing 90 pounds. FML
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While heart disease does kill more people than lung cancer, that guy was a prick.


You care SO much about yourself, that you protect yourself with a layer of fat.

Fat's the bomb. Like, literally. Fat people are shaped like bombs. Cause you never know when they're gonna blow.

Actually i think the specific suggestion of losing exactly 90 pounds was pretty nice. Also, this guy seems to be very good at guessing weight as he knew how much over the recommended weight the OP was... He should work at a carnival.

The difference between smoking at a bus stop shelter and being fat is that smoking in the bus stop shelter is illegal and harmful to other people. Seriously, if anyone else had called him on it, would he have had something clever to say? Then again, smoking in an area where it's clearly prohibited already indicated that he's an asshole.

50- what does your over use of the word literally have to do with anything? Just felt the need to write a comment that bad ?

I understand that it is illegal in op's city and I would do the same if I were op. But if you think about it op won't be around the smoke very long, but unless op diets the weight will affect her health for a long time.

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it doesn't matter how long op would have been standing there. Smoking is illegal in the bus shelter, it causes harm to your body immediately and it's disgusting and stinky. Maybe op loves their voluptuous body.

Maybe op isn't even fat, maybe the guy smoking just was trying to give op a bad time.

122 - I doubt you'd tell anyone within a 'healthy' weight range to lose 90lbs. Perhaps 10 or 15, if he were just trying to be a jerk. The OP is most likely overweight.

I dont think it was harsh, overweight people need to lose weight, and sometimes noone has the balls to say it. Better to hear it from some random stranger shes never gonna see again, than some friend that could damage a relationship between them after saying it.

So if some stranger told you that you were fat and needed to lose weight in response to a polite request you made, you wouldn't at all be offended? Wow, you're a much better person than I am cause i'd be pretty ******* pissed. It doesn't matter if she needs to lose weight, it was not only an inappropriate time to say it, but rude and not at all his place to say it.

Oh and she deserved it twice over for trying to be goodie good girl and tell someone what to do. What is she, a girl-guide?? What a pathetic b*tch. And you even quoted the 'city ordnance', wow you loser. I bet OP was the girl in school in dobbed everyone in for everything. You should join a Christian Lobby, then you can petition to have right to make people do what you want! :D kill yourself.

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I completely agree with 175. It's none of that arseholes concern whether op is over weight or not because it only affects op!! However it is ops concern if that guy is smoking because it doesn't only affect him but also those around him to!!

#98: Yeah, but the stranger had no place to tell OP that. Every single overweight person is told every single day that their body is wrong, that they're sick, unhealthy, unfit and undesirable. Thinking that you're doing the poor old fatty a kindness by telling them to lose weight makes you look like a snob.

245 - I struggle with my weight for a long time. I know what it feels like to be told horrible things like that. My own mother would tell me how fat I am. Kids at school would constantly joke. I would never say something about another persons weight to them after what I experienced.

- 50 , you literally are a huge dumbass

I dont think that was harsh at all, what kind of loser actually 'quotes city ordinance', sounds like some bossy little no-life loser who doesnt go out and do anything. AND shes fat. Haha

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I absolutely love when people say "Oh I would have done this and ****** him up unlike you, you pussy bitch," but if they were put in the situation they would do nothing. It's people like this who end up in the hospital for being stupid and trying to fight someone for no reason.

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would OF? did no one catch that? it's would have.

We noticed. It's just that those sort of mistakes happen so much nowadays that most of us try not to give a ****.

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19- pretty harsh don't you think? Does it matter what #2 said? You don't need to get all offensive about it. That's their opinion!

Yes, #90, we are all entitled to our opinions. We are also all entitled to criticize others for their stupid opinions. Welcome to the internet, my friend.

#19 I absolutely love when people pose as someone else on the Internet. We all know that's Angie Varona, not you.. So change the picture. You just look plain sad.

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123- you just made my day! 115- no shit smart ass I know that, you just contradicted yourself, I am entitled to my opinion

123- In 19's defense, we don't know if she is Angie Varona or not. That could be an actual picture of her.

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140- actually it is Angie Varona if you go on goggle you can tell she took the picture from there.

How dare you question the identity of FML_FTW? She is totally Angie Verona! Just as I am a literate cat, insertnameherr is Morgan Freeman, and you are an animate wooden robot toy! Geez!

YesyDidWhat 0

Smart one Angie Varona is 18 NOT 15! and i put whatever picture I want.

123, 132- This isn't even an account I made. I never even checked the profile because I went on my computer and my sisters account is signed in so I used it. Now that I did check it, it says I'm a girl (which I'm not) it says I'm 15 (which I'm not) so excuse me for not messing with my sisters shit and just posting a few comments on FML. Did I ever say "the profile picture is me." Or "this is the account I made."

#2 but then you'd have to get up close and personally with his nasty cigarette smoke.

172) umadbro? But seriously there is no need to get all defensive, who cares Jo others try to reveal themselves to be? I am obviously not a lion wanting to eat a singer for writing crap music, 115 isn't a cat cause cats are boring and do nothing but cough up fur balls and make me sneeze all day. :)

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You guys are nuts lol i love you all.

172- Your sister has an awfully rude "about" in her information.

While heart disease does kill more people than lung cancer, that guy was a prick.

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Re-read it again 74... It's a valid point. Edit: 74 got erased. Haha

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Yes, obesity kills. But it only kills the person whose lifestyle caused them to have the problem. Smoking, on the other hand, increases the cancer risk of anyone inhaling the smoke. Sure the increase is tiny with each incident, but if we didn't have laws restricting smoking areas, the risk would accumulate a hell of a lot faster. Before the laws came into effect, it wasn't considered massively unusual if a non-smoker working in a smoky environment (such as a bar) died of lung or throat cancer, or other smokers' diseases. Yes, obesity may be the bigger killer. But it doesn't go killing the innocent.

Meh... she started it. Could have just left him alone. Its a bus shelter, they're not enclosed buildings that are trapping the smoke in with you and I doubt he was blowing it in her direction or she probably would have mentioned it. He's outside. He's waiting around. Stop being a wannabe cop and let him have a smoke. Maybe he had a bad day =/

Sure it's not in a building, but smoking where people need to sit to wait for the bus is just rude. You never know who is asthmatic or just doesn't want to be near second hand smoke. Even if he was having a bad day, that isn't an excuse to break the law. It is anyone's choice to smoke, but you have to be considerate.

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So cigarette smoke is the only toxin in the air? I never would have guessed that. Op also doesn't mention if the smoker was there first or not. That makes a bit of difference compared to the reverse. And this is just a guess: is anyone every truly polite when they are confronting a smoker? With all the posts you can see a healthy opinion about smokers. Could those opinions be shining through?

256 - to be fair, I believe anyone who endangers other peoples' health deserves to be confronted, even if it might not be as polite as we'd all like to see. If you want to decide for yourself that you want to risk lung cancer, fine, but don't make that choice for others.

Your analogy is wrong, heart disease is also caused by smoking, probably more so than obesity alone. Plus lung cancer isn't the only adverse effect of smoking, even to innocent bystanders... You can exacerbate asthma, predispose to pulmonary infections, etc

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I am amazed that you could cite the city ordinance at the top of your head. Did you tell him exactly what section of the ordinance it was in? That would have been impressive.

Most places have the ordinance posted at the bus stop.

Tali147 16

Oh. Somewhat less impressive then.

unless your Sheldon Cooper, then that's just weird.

Now it's people like that that should go die

Oh don't worry the smoke will kill them soon enough.

^ I actually withdraw that comment. Personally I don't mind smokers, its their life and they can smoke if they want to. I just don't like it when they smoke in my face.

Please refrain from the excessive use of demonstrative pronouns because it is unclear whether you are referring to the OP (who whines at people about city ordinances) or the smoker.

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I judge smokers. And willingly admit to it. If they can do something so disgusting and KNOW that they're killing themselves and ruining their teeth and possibly even hurting their children, then they deserve to be judged. If you're gonna have a nicotine problem, don't involve other people in it. Smoke where it doesn't bother anyone but yourself. I don't want to have an unexpected allergic reaction walking down the street.

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No body should die, especially over something as minor as that (in context like hitler status).

Quinn32: Please refrain from being a complete asshole. It's pretty ******* obvious he's (SkoomaKi, if that was too difficult for you to figure out) talking about smokers. Thanks.

TheDrifter 23

I thought he meant the morbidly obese, its their life and they can eat what they want, but it's summer and the cloying stench of fat people oozing in the sun is making me sick. Not to mention all the shelf space in the stores that is wasted on size 46 short of fashions that will only make innocent bystanders violently ill if worn in public. Now, I need a smoke, so will all non smokers please leave the area.

61 - I certainly hope if you have pets you never take them out in public, or you never take a peanut butter sandwich out in public, or hell ever do anything in public which could cause someone else to have an allergic reaction or you would be an amazing hypocrite.

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Once a law is passed which bans outright stupidity in public places, I'll agree to stop smoking. I have to deal with complete morons on a constant basis so if a cigarette helps keep me sane, I'm gonna go ahead and light up.

87- The difference is that an allergic reaction isn't the only negative effect of people smoking in public. Secondhand smoke is dangerous. Granted, exposure to certain allergens can be fatal as well, however that's an individual issue. Smoke is bad for everyone.

102 - I realize that however I am responding to their closing statement... About not wanting to have an allergic reaction walking along the street. Whether it is bad for everyone is irrelevant as it was not the point of their post at which I was addressing.

61- You feel the right to judge someone because they smoke huh? Well, what is it that you do that 1 other person may not like in thr world? Do you drink? If so then I or anyone else have the right to judge you because even one sip of liquor hurts your liver and because you are willingly killing your liver and willingly killing yourself even with just one sip that makes you a piece of shit & you should not involve other people with your horrible decisions. Or do you eat excessively? Knowing it can one day give you heart disease, diabetes and cause you to become obese? If so, please don't eat in public because someone just may find it disgusting and judge you because of it. No one wants to see you eat away at your death, it's just wrong when you know it can kill you. See what I'm saying? Something you do that someone else doesn't like or approve of because it may be bad for you in someway gives them every right to judge you on the seer fact that they don't like it. According to you, it is perfectly okay.

IdfkMyUsernamexC 5

61 - I thumbed you down as soon as I read "I judge smokers". Didn't even bother to read the rest..... :)

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Judge not less ye be judged.

61, I can tell that you're a very understanding and sympathetic individual. Hahaha, no. Judgmental people like yourself are far worse than smokers.

gabe222 25

Makes me laugh when someone says an "allergic reaction" to smoke. I researched it and tobacco smoke is not an allergen, hence you cant be allergic to it. Another note, you ever think most smokers regret their decision on smoking, they just struggle to kick the addiction? I smoke away from children and people and i dont smoke indoors. Id say im doing a pretty damn good job.

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Although wishing death to the guy might be 'slightly' sever, the way he reacted makes him look like a real asshole and I do agree that life could be nicer with a little less of them...

CoyBrunette 4

Drifter- I made an account just so tell you how awesome your comment is! +100 internet for you!

Blooblibloo 4

Where are all the comments going?

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While there's nothing wrong with dieting, he his a bit of a hypocrite. Killing yourself with smoke is worse. You can always lose weight but you can't get new lungs and take back cancer.

The instant you quit smoking your lungs improve 50% in a week and are living parts that can be repaired like a cut. So yes his lungs can improve. Also, the day you quit you're risk of a heart attack decrease 30%.

zen1979 16

82% of 'percentage statistiics' quoted in conversation are fictional and created just to make a point. A point which is in fact undermined my misinformation.

zen1979 16
comeatmebroo6254 1

Okay edit: I wasn't saying being over weight is healthy. My statistics were wrong. What I mean is, it's easier to lose weight then to quit smoking (GENERALLY). It's also not illegal to be over weight but in OP's case, it is illegal to smoke. Even if OP was a hypocrite, the guy is a jerk for saying that.

Your wrong. Once your lungs are damaged they can never be fully healed, and the first week does not heal them by 50%. Maybe you should do your research before trying to prove someone wrong.

YesyDidWhat 0

Wow 16 you really take everything serious, are you a doctor? Because If you aren't then you shouldn't criticize.

97 - because being a doctor is the only way someone can be informed?

#95 *You're. Also, surely that would depends on the extent of the damage? In the same way that a cut in skin can heal without a trace, or leave a huge unsightly scar, depending on the depth? I mean, it' not like our bodies constantly create new cells to replace the ones that are constantly dying, or anything...

Okay, here we go. Your lungs begin to heal 8 minutes after you smoke a cigarette. Within a week, your risk of heart disease drops 40-50%. And yes, after just 5 years of not smoking, your lungs will have healed so much that if you could see them, you wouldn't be able to tell the difference between a smoker and a non-smoker. The higher risk of lung cancer is still there, but is still 90% less than when you smoked. I've done my research here.

comeatmebroo6254 1

Did you not read my edit ? I already said I was wrong. Geez.

152, But the point is still the same, your lungs will not be 100% better - unless you only recently started smoking - and you can't 'take back' cancer. Once cancer is developed in the lungs, simply quitting smoking won't be enough to save you.

comeatmebroo6254 1

I don't recall saying you could "take back" cancer. In fact, I believe I said that there was still a higher risk of getting cancer even if you quit. Wait, yes I did!

228 ...Uh, I was merely pointing out that your facts actually support the original argument. Since you didn't actually indicate whether you were agreeing or not. The original comment was referring to not being able to "take back" cancer - hence my quotation marks.

I was merely sharing some knowledge, since everyone had their own opinions on what happens when you quit smoking. But I never said anything about new lungs, or taking back cancer.

...Yes, I'm saying that I'm not trying to disagree with you. Simply referring what you said back to the original comment. Just forget it...

comeatmebroo6254 1

Okay guys. I didn't mean to put misinformation on here. My mistake. It's good that you all know what you're talking about. OP- I truly hope for your sake that you get back to a healthy state.

News flash: not all smokers die from cancer and not all the people who have cancer are smokers. I have gained a huge hatred against the war against smokers. Being morbidly obese? Only bad because it's not sexy. Drinking a couple of beers a day, during the entire week? No one cares. The incredible amount of depressed people who want to commit suicide? Yeah, sad, but you can't do much about it. Smoking a cigarette? OMFG YOU'RE KILLING YOURSELF AND EVERYONE AROUND YOU, YOU ARE A HUGE COST FOR SOCIETY, QUIT SMOKING OR DIE!!!!

18- I kinda agree with you. While members of my family smoke that wasn't really a killer for most parts. In schools they teach you to detect smokers and how to prevent it. But no one is ever taught the way to find signs of depression or possibility of a suicide. Personally I don't mind when people smoke. They will get cancer just like I will get cancer for playing out in the sun and drinking beverages that were in a plastic container.

I definitely agree with both of you. yes smoking harms those around you but at the same time why make smokers feel bad when alcoholics or drug addicts or anything like that affects our bodies to? my theory? we're all going to die so why live a life that you don't experiment and have fun with?

I don't care If they smoke I just don't want it around me. Drinking and that sort of thing doesn't directly affect the health of those around you. I lived with my troll of a stepmom for less than a year and now I have a smokers cough even though I haven't touched a cigarette in my entire life. Smoking can harm other people directly

TheDrifter 23

Second hand smoke kills. On the other hand, so do the chemicals in spray tans. Now if only we could redirect the hypocritical false outrage.

Tell that to the wives of drunks that beat them up their being harmed but you don't think of that do you?

I meant social one to two beers every other day drinking, not alcoholic wife-beaters.

Why did it just delete all of the comments?

Quote from the world health organization : "Tobacco use is the most important risk factor for cancer causing 22% of global cancer deaths and 71% of global lung cancer deaths." 18- i dont have anything against smokers.. My comment was intended as a joke but it seems some people over reacted. Drinking and bad eating habits are as bad as smoking i agree with you.

CoyBrunette 4

68- Do you drive a car? That not only affects the people around you, but the entire planet negatively.

If you are overweight by a lot, he sort of has a point. The effects of being obese can be more harmful to you're health than smoke. But it was still rude and he could have just ignored you if he wanted to smoke that bad.

I tried to hit the edit button and thumbed myself down :p. :(

Please don't. You'll just... *rumbling in the distance* Aw shit, here they come. Another debate about obesity vs. Smoking in 3...2...

32- That's why you will be condemned to a life of watching Digimon marathons in your mom's basement. Because you can't keep some things to yourself.

reddudeover 2

14 - That rumbling was my stomach sorry.

TheDrifter 23

Oh, I thought it was the pro obesity representatives hurrying to make it on time.

11 - just as the OP could have ignored him... He only reacted to her actions... While it was mean and rude, it's kind of annoying when people say "they could have just ignored him/her" as it could be said for the initial person as well. ;-)

theneatoburrito 8

There's no way you passed English class.

YesyDidWhat 0

107- that's not even the real her, that's Angie an 18 girl who's pictures have been all over the Internet. Fake ass little girl trying to be cool.

#137 you have made it very clear that's not a real picture of them, since you have gone to every comment he/she has made and said much time on your hands or are you just naturally an ass hole ?

180) nah I think it just comes naturally, 137) it's the Internet mate why can't you just let it go. You were getting mad at her/him in one of the previous Posters aswell.

YesyDidWhat 0

180 & 221: Taking it to the heart much? Since is none of your business they already made it clear their a "guy" using their sisters account meaning the picture was put by their SISTER, I'm just making it clear for the person who said she didn't look 15. I have nothing against the person who put the picture, it's their choice. And FYI, the only one coming Off as an ass hole here is YOU. KTB;p

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Thats ****** up, but funny made my day