By illiterate - 17/06/2011 04:16 - Australia

Today, my boss gave me an "All you need to know about grammar" book. FML
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cynide 13

it must be working because that sentence is correct. i think..


XXizzlerXX 0

maybe u needed it:) he is doing u a favor!

some people on this site need know, so they can be better grammar nazis lol

Seeing these comments and seeing people say each other need it makes me want to mess up on my grammar. But i won't do sumting lik dat.

Agiggleaday 0

You could look at it as he was considerate enough to think about you :)

iSitt 0

People here keep saying it doesn't matter as long as others know what they meant. But by practicing the wrong way most of the time, their grammar (and spelling too) degrades even at work. Now op's writing has become an embarassment to the boss as his clients take their business elsewhere.

I'm starting to think fml is just full of grammar trolls. :(

94 I meant wont for it could be grammar but then auto-correct corrected me when I actually wanted to mispell won't into wont.

sxe_beast 11

its aint no hurt to learning of the grammar

It doesn't hurt to know how to spell either.

Eggers 2

15- perhaps he was actually subtly proving a point by pretending to mix up grammar and spelling.

A double negative? Yes, that's grammar.

dudeitsdanny 9
cynide 13

it must be working because that sentence is correct. i think..

marix54888 0

It depends on whether it is a large publication, which I suspect, or a short publication (smaller than 35 pages roughly). If larger correct, if smaller wrong.

Fx13mz 7

A lot of people who comment on here need one.

XXizzlerXX 0

u just commented so ur saying u need a life

The book is on grammar usage not having a life

No, he's saying people who comment on here need to learn grammar. People like you, for example.

well they need more work on spelling

Fx13mz 7

I just noticed that I put "one" on the following line. Damn keys are so close together.

6 wins for the most stupid comment on FML history. Honestly, I couldn't care less about spelling and grammar on the internet. Bar when people can't tell the difference between your and you're, it's not that hard.

Deres no way u nede 1 ur bsos iz a fag hu lkies gremmer Or, in the correct sense; Most people do need a grammar book! Your boss is an intelligent person. Don't go around the work place saying things like "I ain't got no pens, Bob. I don't got no pencils either."

who cares about grammar spelling, you already know what the person posting the comment meant so why correct them. you trolls feel proud correcting someone's typo or lack of grammar? dumb trolls :(

memo619 0

At least he didn't hand you a "51 ways to find a job" book.

XXizzlerXX 0

dude I was a level 60 mage when I stopped playing, played tichondrius too.... I was troll. stasis!

Obviously you haven't visited this site. Grammar nazis here would have teach you how to write.

according to your name you must need it

y have that book when theres spell check

*why. Seems the spellcheck didn't quite work for your comment...

I'm almost positive that his comment was due to laziness, not poor spelling or grammar. This is the Internet. Get over it.

Eggers 2

17- does spellcheck fix sentence fragments? Does spellcheck correct misplaced semicolons? That is grammar. There is a difference in "Spelling" and "Grammar" The OP would need "Grammar Check" for that book to be useless.

A7X_LoVeee 10

42 - Laziness? The ****? You're typing on a keyboard rofl.

Now, now 57... I usually like your comments. Don't make me hate you. I'm on the iPhone though. Some people type y or u because they suck at typing or because they're lazy. I guess I just assumed he was lazy. I'm almost positive that he knows how to spell "why". If not, well then I think he needs help.

Eggers 2

Wow 61, way to make yourself sound like a pompous a-hole, as if he's lucky to be liked by you.

I doubt he cares if I like his comments. It was a joke... You should probably refrain from ever commenting on FML again. Last time I checked, rude, obnoxious comments weren't welcome. Have a nice day.

A7X_LoVeee 10

Well I suppose. I'm on the iPhone too but writing out the entire word doesn't take much more time. I just hate when ppl talk lik dis u kno wat i mean?

your period is in the wrong place. it's '"WTF." not "WTF."'

51- Actually, on a Word document (which is where proper spell check is prevalent) does underline sentence fragments and other errors in sentence structure. It is the 'spell check' on an iPod that does not-just if words are spelled wrong.

-28 Why* I think someone failed at correcting! Me-1 You-0 Thank you for your stay at the Grammar Nazi Hotel, please try again.

28 I am suprise you didn't correct 'theres' too. there's* I don't like to correct people but I am just suprised she missed it.