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  a_nutritionist  |  10

i think the fml is for waking up with someone like you. you fuck random women who you dont find attractive because youre too drunk to know any better, then bitch about it on the internet to strangers...yeah, fuck her life for sleeping with someone that pathetic.

  LissaMccracken  |  23

@ 157, 169 - What's the point of even commenting when you can't think of any thing more interesting to say other than "Haha"? It shows how boring you are, you know.

  griddy24  |  17

Yes lets made generalizations about women’s beauty for everyone because beauty is definitely objective, right? PS Studies have shown that way more men enjoy bigger bodied women than previously thought, but they keep it secret because hey, being open about that would involve having balls. Because the only way to get that status is by having a starved-looking girlfriend. Smh