By hdat - 11/06/2009 17:51 - Canada

Today, I woke up from a dream about finding a vending machine that gave me free food. I kept eating, it was so satisfying words could not describe how great it felt. Then I realized my hands were in between my legs, I had been touching myself dreaming about free food from a vending machine. FML
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Thinking about them Twinkies again eh?

hey vending machine food is good just not that good...


lol. oh and btw first :)

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Double post my bad.

This kid's a noob fag.

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Whats your problem Douchèbag

RobinKCS 9

What does OP mean?

Vociferouslife 4

I don't think this is FML worthy. Honestly, there are many foods that release the same endorphins many would receive from light sexual activity. I think this could have been a LOT weirder. As is, I hope you continue to have those awesome dreams!

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Odorless Poison

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That was awesome.

hey vending machine food is good just not that good...


more like foodgasm

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I guess she just has a food fetish

Similar to the FML about a guy having a sexual dream about bacon.....please come up with something more original

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Did it taste good?

Thinking about them Twinkies again eh?

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Your hot. Js

And I thought I dreamt about weird things. I'm joking, but FYL. Hope no one saw?

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God Dang it! FML messed up my post.

Well if it tasted good whats the shame?

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#4 so true. Whats up with guys touching themselves. thats what hookers are for..

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I guess you AND #4 failed to notice the pink female symbol, huh?

...Dammit, misread the comment and here's an edited, useless comment. Let's play a game of how many thumb downs it can get.