By geez_wth - United States - Hanford
Today, I had a dream I was on the toilet taking the longest piss known to man. Unfortunately, it was partially true. FML
kissandcontrol01 tells us more :
This is the OP. I actually am in my 20s and had passed out after taking a muscle relaxer. Never slept so well in the last year or so.. Until.. I woke up cold and wet ????
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Omg it used to happen to me a lot as a kid. I felt that i was peeing so hard on the toilet and all of a sdden it started going out of the toilet and i would wake up and notice id peed in real. I slowly started realizing in my dreams what was happening and i eventualy stopped....o.o

  onlychildFTW  |  33

It's good you eventually stopped 84. Same thing was happening with me as a kid. Took a few years of being diapered at night but I eventually stopped before I had to worry about a girl sleeping over.


I stopped in grade 3 -_- took me a while to control it in my dream ( i realize that im starting to pee in real and force to stop which leads me to wakin up) But i knew what was happening and told my mom but she didnt understand >_>

This is the first time ive told anyone who understands :') thanks ;D

  perdix  |  29

I'm guessing that is the part that was not true, but taking a huge piss was.

If the true part were being on the toilet, and the dream was pissing, this wouldn't be much of an FML, would it?

By  cantthink123  |  12

OP, it happens. Believe it or not, some adults still wet the bed; it's not common, but there's a name for it: adult onset nocturnal enuresis. So, people, stop making fun of OP for a medical condition; you wouldn't make fun of someone for type I diabetes, would you? I've got the same problem and it's humiliating. It's not like I do it every night, and I have an incredibly understanding husband, so no, it doesn't cause problems with relationships. So be nice.

Besides, I'm sure it'll happen to everyone at some point, especially if alcohol is involved.

  TheMathMajor  |  26

It happened to me once as a teen. I dreamt that I got out of bed and sat on the toilet. The dream was so realistic that I was very surprised when I woke up with pee puddling beneath me. Now I always use the bathroom before I go to sleep XD