By Ismellbacon - 29/02/2012 06:29 - Canada

Today, my girlfriend called me a lazy pig. To prove her wrong, I decided to go lift some weights. A few reps in, my arm cracked and my first reaction was to squeal like a pig. FML
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siickman 7

Wtf... Who squels like a pig when their arm cracks....

See, she was right. You really are a pig.


See, she was right. You really are a pig.

leprechaun23 15

UIf it acts like a pig and sounds like a pig it must be a pig

Exactly! On the bright side, pigs don't sweat :)

thiscrazything 1

At least you didn't squeal like a lazy pig though. And I'm pretty sure either your elbow or shoulder cracked, arms don't just crack.

mwrc8man94 1

How did your arm crack? Are you all bone or something

Thanks for explaining the fml for us. We didn't get it.

mootoo31 6
siickman 7

Wtf... Who squels like a pig when their arm cracks....

oh you'd be surprised to know how many people have that impulse.... not me though mhmm!

CockAsian 14

19 - it's not good to talk about yourself like that.

uffiewuffie 0

OP, stop being an attention hogger

That's rich, 31. Your comment has nothing to do with #3's comment, therefore you only posted it there so it'd be near the top of the comments screen. You can't really tell people not to go looking for attention.

princev3 4

OP is such a noob. Once, I was raiding Stormwind and got teamed up on by two guards. They crit for 12k each but you don't see me oinking. Gosh OP grow a sack and stop crying.

uffiewuffie 0

Excellent observation, #73. Except for one thing. You obviously commented just to get attention as well. Hypocrite

aaaaaannnd match point to #84. Congratulation sir, you've just won the internets.

How was I commenting to get attention? I was commenting to point out you looking for attention, nothing more. If I was that concerned about attention, I'd be trying to get first comments and the like, not making legitimate replies to other people's posts.

uffiewuffie 0

Why would you do that anyway? Do you have anything better to do than comment something obvious just to make yourself sound smart and intelligent?

Stupid question. If I had something better to be doing, I'd be doing that, wouldn't I?

It doesn't. The major difference between OP and a pig is that you can't cut OP into thin strips of meat deliciousness. Well, legally, anyway.

35 - It's only illegal if the police find out... Muwhaha....

48 - Damn your picture goes a little too well with your photo. Shit's creaping me out.

Wait, it's illegal? Whoops. Wish I had known that a bit earlier...

Why would you even do that? I'm going to assume you put alot of weight on… but if you are lazy and this is your first time lifting weights, you prob should understand it'll take a few months for you to perfect your form. Then you can gradually increase weights. Hope you get better Op

kittyx33 0

He could have not even put on weight. He could just not have gone to the gym. There are many guys that get called lazy, never gone to the gym a day in their lives but are still skinny. In shape? No. But skinny.

52, do you not understand his comment or this fml? I'm very confused by you, young one.

52 the person was talking about putting on weights. As in lifting. Reading comprehension is fun!

MizzErikaHart 8

Should have proved you weren't lazy by vacuuming or something.

Andr913 13

That's what I was thinking. Seriously, today is full of YDIs already with this guy, the guy who drank piss, and "I twitch when I hear the word penis" kid.

panda_bear0618 1

Spotters don't magically make you immune to joint cracking.

51 - Ripped from Google's I-try-to-be-funny-with-pictures-of-poor-and-black-kids page???

at least you tried to prove her wrong.....?

They also fart a lot. But more importantly.....wrong FML.

Never mind. My app posted this in the wrong place.