By Anonymous - 31/10/2009 19:40 - United Kingdom

Today, I had a terrible stomach bug. I quickly jumped off the toilet and crouched over the bowl. I vomited with such force that I splashed the shitty water back into my face. FML
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THAT's when the shit hits the fan...


how could someone deserve something like that...

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you do. even more violently then you shit again and repeat the process until the entire system is flushed out. I know I've had it 6 times.

yup I had this once and all you do is vomit like every 10 minutes. and you usually wind up having diarrhea while you vomit. 8 hours straight of vomit and poo. the problem is you can't control your bowels when you're vomiting I went through like 8 pairs of boxers

Take a shower, your life is in no way ******.

I would have freaked out if that happened to me.. :P I hope you washed your face after? :l

Eww, that is so disgusting but picturing it made me laugh so hard, FYL!

Ew....makes me thankful the sink is built right next to the toilet for when this happens. Became a very useful setup when I had food poisoning last year.

i always keep the bathroom trashcan next to the toilet for this reason.

Did anyone else immediately think of the South Park episode, where Kenny's dad had to keep throwing up and going #2 at the same time?

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Yes, that was my first thought as well!... Ya know... after, "ew" of course.

lol and that's when her nose violently bled

YES!!!! Well... After i pissed myself laughing then i thought of the south park episode then pissed myself laughing again!

you must have been shit faced (ahahaha, I am so funny). I will have to keep this in mind if i get sick. thanks for the heads up and FYL for sure!