By Seriouslynow - 22/5/2016 17:55 - United States - San Francisco
Today, I woke up at 6:30 this morning, but I didn't have to be at work till 11. I walked the dog, made breakfast and read for a little bit. I then woke up again at 11:30. FML
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By  mooman36  |  15

People laugh at me when I set an alarm an hour before I have to do something, no matter the matter the time of day. It's for cases like this, just in case I fall asleep again and since I hate being late to anything.
But bad luck mate, we all do similar things. Hope your boss man wasn't too pissed at you.

  PhantomKitty  |  26

I have to set my alarm for two and a half hours before I go to work because of this. The first is set half an hour before I HAVE to get up, simply because my body tells me "Nope, you're going back to sleep now." Then I spend half an hour on breakfast, an hour getting ready, and half an hour driving to work.

OP, you should consider setting up a schedule like this for yourself. It may help so that occurrences like this don't happen again.

  SixthSinEnvy  |  39

I set 3-4. The first is to wake me out of a deep sleep, the second is to tell myself to get up and the third is the final warning before I know I'll be late for work. I add a fourth if I was up super late like seeing 3am, if I had an extra drink(s) the night before, or some combination of the two.

If I still don't wake up after that it's not meant for me to go to work that day. Or I'm dead.

  Steve97  |  32

Lol this fml community has gone too soft lately. I get down votes for giving op advice so they won't be late for work? Lol guess you guys don't have jobs then.

  Myo_fml  |  20

yes, she totally shouldn't have a productive life and just work and sleep. I have a job and if I have swing or second shift, I still get up early in the morning. if I didn't, my life would fly by and I'd never get anything done.

  Tripartita  |  44

#13, I don't think people post humorous stories to receive advice on one-time mistakes, and even if they did, yours was pretty vague. Might as well have said, "Do better. Don't be late again."

Then you imply that we'd need to be jobless to find your unsolicited advice worthy of downvoting. Classy.

  Steve97  |  32

#15 I remember FML's being flooded with YDI's because the OP was late for work for whatever reason and #14 yeah use "I had to walk my dog and make breakfast" excuse to your boss for being late to work and see how they react. It's reality people don't hate because I'm speaking the truth...

  Tripartita  |  44

Perhaps you're being a bit dramatic, #18. Nobody is "hating" or has a problem with reality. Nobody is actually trying to come up with excuses to give their bosses for tardiness.

You made a vague comment, people didn't find it useful, and they pressed a thumbs-down button on a computer. It's no big deal.

  Sora_McKain  |  36

Sometimes time management has nothing to do with it. My shift starts at 11pm and I get up every day at 3:40pm to make sure I have enough time to do whatever I need to do before work.

There have been times when I have spontaneously fallen asleep at 9pm before work. For me, it's not a matter of managing my time better, or getting more sleep. Sometimes I can't get more sleep (<--------insomniac)

There could be a number of reasons OP fell back asleep. For one: if the body is exhausted enough it will just shut down to protect itself.