By hatemylife - United States
Today, a group of girl-scouts came to my door selling chocolate bars. I bought 2 bars and smiled as they left, thinking I'd done a good deed. When the door closed, I heard one of the girls say, "Told you, the fat bitches always wanna buy from us." FML
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  dolphincheddar  |  10

well, sadly its stereotyped that obese people have more of a tendency to eat unhealthy foods becuase in around half the cases it's the reason for obesity. even if it's not your reason, you did a good deed and now u have candy, fat or not everyone loves candy. so it's not terrible. and if your worried about your weight try a diet or something? idk. have a break. have a kitkat.

  Lahariim  |  8

I'm... shall we say, tall from side to side not to mention 6'1. I would advise buying ALL the candy next time! With funny money, naturally. Back when my mother were a Girl Scout, they went camping... Now they visit malls sooo...

  MissCuteStack  |  12

you guys are so rude stop telling people their fat look in the damn mirrior you don't even know if she is fat so shut up And learn à 7 letter word dalles RESPECT !!!!

  LadyClarik  |  8

Your vulgar use of the word "freaking" is just disappointing, Doortje....What the fuck is up with that? Although, I am ecstatic that for once, somebody on this site can hurl insults that are grammatically correct.