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By  TexasKitten79  |  6 you care little enough about your boyfriend to think it's ok to have phone sex with another guy, but are upset that he cares little enough for you to not be upset that you're having phone sex with another guy. Sounds like the two of are about equal here in your level of care for the other person. So what's the problem? Maybe he's banging someone else and isn't a hypocrite so figures the playing field is level.

By  Matthew Irmen  |  11

You sound like an awesome girlfriend

By  Allsmash123  |  10

People like you disgust me. If you want him to know that you are cheating then you just want him to dump you. If you don’t like him, break up with him. Stop playing stupid games, more like F his life not yours. He needs to find a girl who is better at communicating