By acnegirl - 26/07/2009 04:29 - United States

Today, I was romantically cuddling with my boyfriend. He looked deep into my eyes, stared lovingly at me, and said, "I never noticed, but you have the most adorable freckles on your face..." Blushing, I tilted my head to the side. He then said, "Oh, never mind, those are just your blackheads." FML
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just cuz she has blackheads doesn't mean she doesn't wash her face.

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"you have the most adorable black eye," is the correct response


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it's not her fault im sure.. some facial cleaners(actually a lot of them) make your face worse.. it's hard to find a good one.. and then sometimes even when you do get a good one it doesn't completely take them away.. some people just have better skin then others..

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OMG that is so funny. Biore nose strips, baby.

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Here it is everybody. You knew there would be AT LEAST 1 person saying YDI for an obviously non-YDI reason. Congratulations, you're this FML's first asshole!

true that. go to the dermatologist. geez.

Hey, some people really do have medical problems with this. I've had cystic acne since the 4th grade. the hardest acne to get rid of. I wash my face every night and every morning with more meds then most. I even take pills for this. It's an actual problem that is difficult to control. Just because you might have perfect skin, doesn't mean you can judge others who don't. Maybe she is doing all she can.

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You can take great care of your face and still have blackheads.

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My boyfriend lets me squeeze his blackheads...I also use those porestrips on both of us

Ew..why would you want to squeeze a blackhead, let alone someone else's??

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Ewww! Why would you squeeze someone's backheads? The strips work very well, but they hurt like a bitch. At least you know that he thinks your blackheads are adorable! :P

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#3 what the hell? that's disgusting

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lmao.. wow. way to ruin it.

at least they are adorable blackheads

haha took the works right out of my mouth

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"you have the most adorable black eye," is the correct response

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#5 has it right. way to kill the mood "boyfriend"

Not really an FML because regardless, he thought they were adorable, right? What I'm really surprised at is that he even knows what blackheads are. I'm pretty sure neither my brother nor my boyfriend or any other dude I hang out with would know.


Black heads pop up even if you wash your face, morons. Sometimes it's inevitable, she can't be cleaning and scrubbing every second of the day. I would get rid of them if I were you, OP, just because I can't stand them... We all have our flaws :P

oh, please. blackheads have nothing to do with hygiene! i have a shower everyday and wash my face a few times a day AND use cleansers, and i still have them. get the facts right all of you.

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I wash my face everyday. I still get blackheads. FYL.

i bet you do. you just don't realize it.