By Embarresedguy - 03/07/2009 20:13 - United States

Today, I woke up and decided to get the morning paper, I went outside with my bath robe on and when I leaned down to get my paper my bath robe came undone. Apparently everyone on my street saw it and decided to bring up public nudity at the next neighborhood meeting. FML
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This is not what disturbs me because it could happen to anyone, but what does disturb me is that the entire neighborhood just decides to look at your house at the exact same time. Stalkers?

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I'm sure they "cracked" up when they saw your bare ass. Yay for corny jokes!


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what kind of sick community do you live in that has neighborhood meetings.

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Goddamit don't just reply to #1 so you can be on top. It makes you look like a dick.

This is completely fake, go to the last page of FML (334) and you'll find THIS EXACT FML, BY THE EXACT SAME PERSON. I know you want to make people laugh, but realism and non-repeats please?

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No, the server is having a problem. Because if you go to page 334, and you look at the date of that FML, you see that it's the same date as today. Maybe you should check all the details before making accusations, ********.

Oh please. FAKE. This Happened to Frank in EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND.

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It also happened to Phil in Kath&Kim! I hate when people make stuff up on FML and it's obviously fake. YDI for being a douchenozzle and stealing off of TV shows

this is what I want to know. I would not go to them. Hell, they're lucky you weren't frolicking nude in knee-high grass.

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First of all there is no reason the bash someone because of a story they have decided to entertain you with; you should be thrilled while being respectful. Oh and by the way, if you are able to state the page number... you need to rethink your comments... respectfully! :)

I don't see why it matters if people take stuff off TV shows. Identity isn't important when it comes to FMLs, it's just something that happened to someone somewhere.

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It also happened to Apu on the Simpsons

what kind of sick community do you live in that has neighborhood meetings.

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It says "Embarrasedguy" is the author, so I'd assume they're male.

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it also saids man right next to that


I dont get Bathrobes, what the hell were u wearing to sleep nothing? Whats the FML? I was seen naked by whole block?

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sleeping naked is the best way to sleep

Only a fool sleeps with something on. And the FML is that he's now going to appear on the sex offender list and his future is essentially over, because this event will stop him doing nearly anything. Feminism has done such great things for the world, eh?

Sleeping naked is comfortable during this hot weather, especially if you're trying to save money by not turning on the A.C. And idk what kind of bathrobe the OP was wearing, because even if it(mine) comes undone, while leaning over no less, not much is revealed unless your whole street was standing in front of you

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why would you wear something that is likely to fall off where people could see you?! People are idiots... Ydi

Were they bothered by your nudity? Wow. People are stupid.

Whether this really is an FML depends on whether or not they liked what they saw ;) The whole street will be going 'And did you see the size of his...!!!!'. Is this good or bad? I suppose that since you decided to post the story on here, we have our answer =D