By footfood - 27/06/2011 14:56 - Slovenia

Today, I witnessed my girlfriend eat the dead skin from the soles of her feet. FML
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Way to get the 1st comment with something that makes no sense. Well done.

Monikabug 9

... uh, how does that /literally/ suck?

hey, thanx. at least I wasn't like "delicious!" or something...

:) remember to laugh. people are so tense nowadays... especially Christians...

eminemchick 19

yeah i honestly dont see how eating dead skin literally sucks..

Every of your three comments were incredibly stupid. Shhhhhh. Shhhhhh. You are disturbing the peace of vulgarity.

alexibabyxoxo 0

actually.. it doesn't suck it swallows.

Trupe 3

I thought this said from his feet :/ but it's still pretty gross.

why is everyone on this site so prissy?

62, do you understand what are you writing here?

Monikabug 9

62; No one is being prissy. People laugh at things that are FUNNY. When you spout some nonsensical garbage that doesn't make sense, people don't find it funny, so they don't laugh and then call you out on it. You shouldn't be so sensitive nor defensive about it. Bow out like a mature person and stop feeling the need to tell people they are tense because you assume that they probably have religious values - referring now to the comment that was moderated for it's hateful nature - and that they should "smile more". If you can't handle someone's opinion versus your own, GET OFF OF THE INTERNET and crawl back into your hole.

sorry Hun, I don't live in a hole. It's a cave for your information. and my cave has amazing wifi connection.

ugh I shouldn't read fml's while eating

shali14 0

Fudgesicle- People on Fml are extremely critical, as this is the only place we won't get called out on it. I, have made some incredibly stupid comments that have been thumbed down immensely, and retorted to in brutally honest ways. It's best just not to respond with idiotic remarks, and act like nothing happened, or everyone will hate you.

KingDingALing 9

Wow, Fudge, you sure know how to make yourself look like an idiot. I wouldn't expect that much from someone who lives in a cave. I personally believe that your attempt at trying to save yourself was the worst attempt ever. I want to lock you in your goddamn cave so that you can slowly die.

91 don't worry I got this. 86 shut the FUDGESICLE up!

Monikabug 9

Don't do it @122, ********** is severely frowned upon in modern society. Even if the dog wears pants.

145 other FML if you didn't notice. Also like a lot of trolls on the Internet would put it "*********** FTW!"

um... your stupid... that wasn't even a pun?

sabrinahusic 0

fudgsicle its okay, most people on here are fake and use pics they find on the Internet :D

155 threesome? :( what about me? ********** foursome FTW! I usually hate thresome jokes but since it involves **********... it's all good.

162- I found my pic on the Internet.. I'm pretty sure most of us did, but were all real people if that's what you mean.

I think what #1 should have said was: that bites, almost literarily.

ohmywows 0

162 only said that so people would look at her picture since she thinks she's hot..

sabrinahusic 0

With fake personalities. Being a douche just because everyone else is doing it. Yeah, you're so cool let me tell you. And the thumbs up wooohoo way to go! You want a gold star?

162 I'm not fake. I use a picture from the Internet because I'm a famous celebrity from the planet Neptune. Kinda proved your point but I didn't because I was joking. Also I act the same way in real life. I just don't put my picture because things may happen (Witness protection program, become famous, etc.) even though it's a little chance I don't do it.

sabrinahusic 0

185 you're stupid. I never said that or implied it. Idiot. I just hate people...mostly. A lot of you guys pose as being good and caring people but then turn around and bash on kids. Don't believe? Look at other FMLs.

sabrinahusic 0

187 you're actually one of the people I like and find to be funny.

WhiteBoyThatCan 0

191 no your stupid! I never ever in my entie life acted caring. Bet you thought I was gonna say bash on kids. Anyways I only bash on people who are stupid and annoying. I am a friendly person but not annoying people and jerks.

caseytheninja 6
sabrinahusic 0

OK yeah lol I'm stupid haha and you can tell this from a comment? I withdraw my comment about you being one of my favorites on here. And I said MOST not all.

I was being sarcastic but your kind of hypercritical if you said I can't call you stupid from a comment when you did the same thing.

guys... I was trolling. if all you can do is say "shut the fudge up" then that's sad. get a life losers

212 well I said "shut the FUDGESICLE up!" but I kinda figure you were trolling. Your comments were to stupid to be serious. I'm not using that as an insult though.

sabrinahusic 0

Hmm yeah, you kinda got me there. FML

yea. I'm not usually this annoying. I'm just pissed at my ex bff and needed to let off steam.

191-most people hate you back including me you're a douchebag!

sabrinahusic 0

LOL a 13 year old girl hates me. Yeah, I could care less. Go hit puberty and then talk to me :D

sabrinahusic 0

iiCaptain and despite of your smart comments MrSassypants are my favorites. They're actually funny.

iiCaptain is just so cool, completely ignoring the big fight and rallying everyone to come together in harmony for an orgy. I admire you iiCaptain. I really do.

sourgirl101 28

Do you want to include the OP in this orgy, ii? I heard you like people that put nasty things in their mouths. (: *I also think it's funny to see people bitch about this site and yet stay on it. It doesn't make sense. Move along....

229, you're no one to talk; you're making a duck face in your picture.

186- Ya I want about six ******* gold stars.

226 my picture isn't fake I am actually a cat

Petunia888 13

226-what the hell stop bashing people.I understand why people hate you and I have friends you don't change your attitude,look and maybe you will find friends.MAYBE.that really hurt what you said and btw I thought you said you hated Mrsassypants and now all of the sudden you like him?!? are you bi polar?

KingDingALing 9

How about you both stop arguing over something so pointless. You're only proving how stupid both of you are. No one wants to listen to your retarded argument. It's annoying as hell, but you two are obviously too stupid to realize that. Go die. Immediately.

222 ha I loved how you said "make love" and talked about an orgy. Love making while having orgy sex with a stranger and a dog is awesome! Here I come I am cinnaMON!

sabrinahusic 0

237- WTF are you supposed to be? I can't tell if you have down syndrome or just look like it. good luck getting laid in high school.

222-I'm sorry I started arguing with her again she really mad me mad and offendeded me. I will try to stop this is a place to laugh at peoples mistakes not something to argue over.I may be 13 but I have feelings

wow Sabrina - go get laid or something.. smoke a blunt.. you need it. it's fml not "let's nag bc I'm on rag" get off here and go nag on your Facebook or something DA

sabrinahusic 0

LOL I'm bored and it's funny. And sports chick/girl if you didn't want to be offended then don't disrespect someone first. Calling me a douchebag and saying you hate me won't get you a nice response. Anyway, you're my sisters age and I'm sorry for offending you.

Monikabug 9

Holy threadjackery! Stop the madness! Lets set everything straight: Fudgesicle isn't funny, Sabrina is judgmental, iiCaptain is just here for the lulz, KingDingaLing has common sense, and we all care too much about senseless drivel. Everyone good now?

239- You're not much of a looker yourself either.....

sourgirl101 28

Every night? I had no clue. Feel free to keep the tea set you borrowed from me!

267 no iiCaptain wants an orgy but I don't see one going on... oh wait... did you guys start without me?!! 8(

sabrinahusic 0

264- who the **** asked you to chime in? I don't do drugs you hillbilly nerd ****. And for your information I probably get laid more than you considering I live with my bf. NOW...lay off and if you guys want this to stop then stop talking to me or about me. It's simple people.

sicwitit 0

now he tries to defend himself. oh god this is too funny

249, You should get over yourself. Go die.

hahafylop 4

249- He might not get laid in HS, but you never will. ii won't even let you in on the site-wide orgy. @mrsassypants- you have now full clarified your gender with the moustache. Though I do know girls with facial hair.... Hmm...

sabrinahusic 0

LOL oh lord. I won't say much to that carrot top. Jesus.

283 you know what? Your not invited to the orgy that... I'm... not invited too.

sabrinahusic 0

280- you'll probably die before me judging from that huge gut. Maybe you should lay off the fast food and chips :D just looking out for you girl.

The orgy is a trap. iicaptain really just wants to spread his herpes.

hahafylop 4

WE CAN HAVE OUR OWN ORGY! ii, I could hold the blankie! I'll be right over. Sabrina, just leave. And, to prove your point, most people do take their photos from the internet, that's not me.

KingDingALing 9

JESUS CHRIST, DO NONE OF YOU UNDERSTAND? STOP THREADJACKING! It's as simple as that. This isn't a place to talk about random shit. You make me want to shoot my goddamn brain out. You're all filling this comment section up with spam and it's preventing everyone from reading the REAL comments that are actually RELATED to the FML!

Actually if you dont reply to one of the comments and instead 'reply' to it as putting a reply and talking about the FML it's threadjacking. Or threadjacking might be just loading the replies with random stuff. If it is then I was misinformed.

tsim_fml 0

not if shes eating herself...

skaterblue12 0
dvdp112 0

self anthropophagy.. no... go ahead... i'll give you time... look it up.. oh also you can cannibalize yourself.. and continue

My grandmother does it too. : such an agonizingly painful memory.

I think 56 wants to bake cookies on your abs!

OceanBreathesSal 5

put a shirt on bro. this isn't a dating site

189-I'm sorry I'm new at this I just joined and that was on snl

I don't see the problem here? she sucks your **** doesn't she? what could be worse than sucking a guys ****?

blacksswan 10

56 wishes he had those abs instead of his beer belly.

FunnyGuy5051 7

Lol I love #35 said canibalism and got thumbs down and the guy with the muscles says it ad gets thumbs up. People these days...

^thats cause #35 spelled it wrong whereas muscle guy was just missing one letter. and #189 is your name a reference to Modest Mouse? If so,props! :D

Who you trying to impress muscle man? I mean of you wanna pick up a girl so badly, I recommend checking out eharmony.

He Looks Concieted ! Lmao his about me says " message me you know you want to" man hoe.

Badshah29 6

lol thought this was abt the fml, not my abs. if i like to post my shirtless pics online, i'd post hundreds of them. if any1 has a problem with that, they shud pick up there ass and go to the gym, cuz the only reason u'd be commenting negitively about sm1's quality is cuz ur jealous of it.

1215116a 14

515, not everyone is freaking jealous, and also not everyone with abs has the need to show them off.

alyshaketchup 0

You should message me haha I wanna talk about your sexyness.

AnonymousL0L 0

Yea come on dude put a shirt on. ;P Lol so many haters. xD

rebeldevil 4

that tends to happen with photoshop.

515 I am a girl, so I presume yo think I'm jeal of you muscles though?

the arm he is flexing is also longer and unpoportional (idfk how to spell it)

haleyelizabethd 0

515, I'm a girl, and I sure as hell don't find that attractive nor do I want to message you because "I want you". Kindly go put on a shirt

Dead skin tastes good, especially if you put some BBQ sauce on it

MissBunnyWillEat 11

Nah, honey mustard is the way to go.

SydneyG 0

That's gross bro.. legit lmao

why? it's delicious and nutricious 8D -sarcasm-

I guess anything tastes good w BBQ sauce on it

wwattdidyousay 0

nahh it's just naturally that yummy.. -sarcasm-

anakaren_831 1

I just literally threw up on my mouth.

shrinkydinks 0
Lil_Red777 21

um don't you mean in your mouth?

dvdp112 0

literally!.... if you swallowed it then you and this girl with her foot in her mouth could be besties

eckksDeeitsTravi 0

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A7X_LoVeee 10

I came pretty close. That's disgusting and just not normal.

MellisaTatum 6

Dude, I love your picture. It made my day.(:

slynoble32 11
EnterChoose 1

I love how her first comment has 34 thumbs up and this one has 46 thumbs down.

wwattdidyousay 0

195- what's cute about it the fact tht his gf is chowing down on her foot and he has probably kiss that mouth!?! blah

anakaren_831 1

I just literally threw up on my mouth.

That is vile, you should really ask her not to.

TroyDropShotz 0

ewww ik some1 tht eats their scabs from their head

That's just lovely, 163. Hahaha some people have some strange habits xD

laurengraay 2

163- why would they even have scabs on their head?!

Zambaku 9

something tells me you took that from an fml

163, that's pretty specific.... what's wrong with elbow scab? or knee?

Cryingraven 1

he probably made out with her a couple of times too {@_} *Gag*