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Today, my girlfriend of two years asked me why I would never tie her shoes for her. I confessed to her my deep hatred of feet. Later, I woke up from a nap next to my girlfriend. With her feet in my mouth. FML
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Well that is disgusting whether you hate feet or not.


Well that is disgusting whether you hate feet or not.

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She's definitely a keeper though.

He should've slept in the feetal position

#80, that wouldn't necessarily have kept her feet out of his mouth.

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That was Toetally inappropriate.

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93, he was making another feet joke

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It sounds like there is trouble afoot in their relationship

Maybe she was just trying to put her best foot forward.

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Seems like you really put her foot in your mouth by telling her.

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Next time she takes a nap, put some spiders in her mouth I'm sure she hates spiders just as much as you hate feet

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why would she expect you to tie her shoe lace anyway? I dont get it. I mean my 3 yr old nephew expects that.

Maybe OP's girlfriend is very fat and can't reach her feet.

My husbands highschool girlfriend used to whine at him to tie her shoes for her. Like stop our entire group in the middle of the mall to whine at him until he'd do it. She'd do it to me too when he wasn't around to badger. Some girls really hate tying their shoes apparently.

Your husband's ex-girlfriend asks you to tie her shoes? Interesting relationship...

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Maybe she's one of those girls who wears ridiculous fake nails.

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My boyfriend is 18 and his parents never taught him to properly tie a shoe. At that age I feel like you're just incapable of learning differently because despite my best efforts he won't do any differently. And wonders why he trips and falls all the time...

#72 - He's just being lazy at that point, unless he has some type of learning disability.. Having your shoe laces tied can be a twisted show of dominance, which it sounds like that's what the OP's girlfriend is doing. Unless she's pregnant or otherwise incapacitated, lol.

#72 - incapable of learning at 18? Guess he's not considering college then...

#41 I met him through her. She and I were friends in high school. So, we knew each other through their prior relationship and reconnected a few years after high school.

72, christmas gift idea, get him velcro shoes!

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Consider becoming a stomach sleeper.

How do you tie your own shoes and put socks on if you hate feet so much?

Personally I can't stand other people's feet but I don't mind mine.

How about we all get together and buy OP an axe for Christmas so he can chop his feet off if he hates them so much.

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#36, Same. My brothers are complete JACKASSES about it too, and try to rub their gross ass feet on me because of it occasionally.

I asked a friend of mine the same thing once. He said he can manage to put socks on without touching his actual foot. Oh, and he wraps a washcloth completely around his hand when he washes his feet, so that he doesn't actually touch them.