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wow... next time sound smarter? lol. that sucks. fyl.


wow... next time sound smarter? lol. that sucks. fyl.

so what I'm sorry for who got into the accident unless they were drunk.

LOL this fml made me laff. not bout the accident tho :(

hide yo kids, hide yo wife, and hide...

Yo husband, cause they rapin er're body out here

How is this not a YDI? OP should know what he says.

"Next time silent smarter... but with sound!"

That sucks but it's kinda funny.

Fail... You aren't first...

was it like a black and white movie to? but with color.

You're pretty damn special, aren't you?

LMFAO and #2 fails

hahahahhahahahahhahahahahhaahahhahahaaha. i think i love you

LOL. Don't worry though it'll be forgotten in a few months or end up on Youtube.

it's a fake FML never actually happened

A silent movie, but with sound. You're special. Hahaha.

Better than a black and white movie with color

Was there classical music the whole time?

Camera shy perhaps? Definitely FYL though