By LadyChristina25 - 05/06/2009 01:07 - United States

Today, I witnessed a horrible car accident and was interviewed by the local news. During the interview I said, "It was terrible. It was like watching a silent movie... but there was sound!" The interview has been aired 6 times. FML
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wow... next time sound smarter? lol. that sucks. fyl.


wow... next time sound smarter? lol. that sucks. fyl.

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so what I'm sorry for who got into the accident unless they were drunk.

LOL this fml made me laff. not bout the accident tho :(

hide yo kids, hide yo wife, and hide...

Yo husband, cause they rapin er're body out here

How is this not a YDI? OP should know what he says.

"Next time silent smarter... but with sound!"

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hahahahhahahahahhahahahahhaahahhahahaaha. i think i love you

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LOL. Don't worry though it'll be forgotten in a few months or end up on Youtube.

it's a fake FML never actually happened

A silent movie, but with sound. You're special. Hahaha.

Better than a black and white movie with color

Was there classical music the whole time?

Camera shy perhaps? Definitely FYL though