By Iamsosorry - United Kingdom - Cambridge
Today, at my work in a call centre, a man called up on a very quiet line to report a car accident on his father's behalf because his father was deaf. I asked him to ask his dad if he was OK after the accident. I'd misheard him and he had said "dead", not "deaf". He started crying. FML
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  MrConcise  |  34

Even if mistakes happen, we have to assume this is why companies prefer their employees to remain impartial and impersonal. Sure, they're not gonna get any gold stars for customer service, but stories like this one will never be published and circulated to give their name a bad reputation, even if it was a one-time incident.

  amandasoushek  |  16

8- I understand what you're trying to say, but asking if the other passenger in the accident is OK is not trying to be personal. It's probably her job. She just simply misheard the son.