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  ViviMage  |  38

That's a biological weapon!

  ViviMage  |  38

There is a good chance he KNOWS it is unacceptable behavior, but it's a girl and he is like any other school bully, attack the girls in his life to put them beneath him.
I've been beaten in the head with a baseball bat, bullies ruined my bike, hit me with a super soaker with boiling water inside it... and when I skinned my knee to the bone, no one raised a finger to help with first aid.

By  Veroswen  |  3

I kinda had to parent my little brothers, because my mom has mental issues. The youngest is ten years younger than me. One time when I was 15 i got a call saying he had pooped himself. So I went to the school. Turns out not only did he pop he kept it in his pants. While walking up some stairs it rolled out of his pants. I was immediately concerned about his peers view of him. He didn't really care, which boggled my mind. Basically I'm saying I could see being so embarrassed that he would act out like that. I cant honestly say i wouldn't have. Should be punished though.