By Ohfknhell

It's a sign...

Today, I received a package from Amazon that was supposed to contain the book I needed for my open book final exam tonight. They must have mixed up my order, because the box contained a large pink dildo. I think the universe just told me to get fucked. FML
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By  xxthexmisfitxx  |  25

More like Fuck your decisions. You waited this close to the final to get the book you need for it? What was going on all semester? Now if you had the pink dildo before... MAYBE that would be an explanation. Fuck, learn from this.

By  WeirdUS  |  29

Was this a book that was given in the course outline at the start of the semester? If yes then YDI, Did you procrastinate in ordering it? Did you try to order it but it was out of stock? Did you try other websites? There are so many options now to find a physical copy of a text or online copy unless it was last min and you had no other options YDI. Texts are exspensive, but there are much cheaper options like getting last years version or getting a used copy.

By  Mungolikecandy  |  19

Hopefully you now feel less stressed about the exam.