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Today, at a mind-numbingly boring support session, everyone was talking about their hardships. One guy was talking about losing his leg in a car accident. I was half-asleep and asked without thinking, "Did you ever find it?" I almost shat my pants at the roomful of death glares that followed. FML
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rachelottavia 16

I feel really bad for the person who lost his leg and was telling the story. To see someone fall asleep while recounting something that traumatizing probably hurt even more


drunk_crow 12

Geez who would have thunk that attending a support session would entail voluntarily listening to the hardships of others and offering support. Should have kept your mouth shut. I hate people who just talk for the sake of talking.

Kinda kinda!!! Damn right he deserves it. Imagine being that guy when someone falls asleep while you are talking about a traumatizing event and someone makes a rude comment like that.

I totally laughed at this. Poor guy.. but I agree. Op kind of deserved it for falling asleep.

I've said worse things when I've been tired. All you can do is apologize and hope for the best.

biasedshooter 24

Ba- -tisch His dum arm is missing

You're missing a sense of humor, and maybe part of your brain.

rachelottavia 16

I feel really bad for the person who lost his leg and was telling the story. To see someone fall asleep while recounting something that traumatizing probably hurt even more

What were you doing at a support session if you had no support to give?

Maybe he was forced to go. Or he forgot he had r and stayed up really late the night before. OP isn't necessarily a bad person

cryssycakesx3 22

I'll get downvoted into oblivion. I'm sure people will think I'm terrible. but just because something is traumatizing for someone, it doesn't mean it is for someone else, or interesting at all for that house burned down a few years ago, it was extraordinarily traumatizing for me. I don't blame others for not caring, as it didn't happen to them. it didn't effect them.

JustinJK 21

There's this thing called empathy.

That doesn't give the person a right to be disrespectful about it. The least they can do is grow up and listen to the story and show some respect regardless on if they are interested in it. By going to that support group, he is putting himself in a position where he has to listen to others. That's what he signed up for. And I'm sure everyone else gives him the respect to listen to whatever he is in support group for. The least he can do is show some empathy and respect and listen to others.

silvermoon5033 26

Why the hell were you even there if your attitude is going to be like that?

I suppose it's possible that O.P. has an issue they are there for but haven't yet come to terms with. Perhaps they were made to go there for something, but do not feel themselves that they need to be? I dunno, I'm trying to justify something that possibly can't be justified.

Twisted_Angel 17

perhaps because he has an issue of blurting stuff out at the wrong time?

sweetnsourrr 11

He was tired and when you're tired you tend to do stupid things.

You do realize some people have to go if they want to avoid jail for drugs and stuff. plus it wasn't as they went to say that on purpose. many people fall asleep.

Maybe he was there to learn empathy. Sure needs to at any rate

Common, he didnt have a leg to STAND on.

I'd have upvoted this if you hadn't capitalized the word. We're not dumb, y'know. We can figure out puns and stuff.

I am an amputee and lost my leg when I was one. I have heard this line so many times its no longer funny- just offensive and annoying.

Boohoo. Get over it and stop getting offended so damn easily. My good friend is blind in one write and we constantly how about it, and call him cyclops

drunk_crow 12

Wow, with friends like you who needs enemies? I understand an occasional joke here or there but to constantly joke about it and have a nickname mocking his disability is incredibly rude.

pharm121 21

Not really, I have a seizure disorder and my friends and I call it my "shaky shaky syndrome" or martini syndrome

How about you get your leg cut off and then try to deal with the emotional, physical and mental pain of it, while having jackasses like yourself saying shit to make it even harder. Don't comment on something you know nothing about. Stop being ignorant, or don't comment.

cryssycakesx3 22

i used to be 320 pounds, people make fat jokes all the damn time. you can whine and bitch and get upset about it and let it get to you and ruin your day. feel like no one should ever make such jokes or comments like that, ever. or you can take control of your life, feelings and emotions and not let anyone ever decide how you're going to feel. never give anyone that power over you. especially just with words.

#29. The reason this guy is in a support group and told THAT as his story of hardship makes me think he's not quite at the point of accepting it yet let alone laughing at it. People deal with shit in deferent ways

MzZombicidal 36

Wow, its almost as if #26 is her own person and also dealing with something none of you apparently know anything about? Having a friend with an issue is not the same as HAVING that issue. Being overweight can be fixed on your own. It may be difficult, but it can be done. Do you expect her to grow her own leg back? No? Then let her cope however she pleases.

Thank you! I understand that a lot of you are thinking that I am a whiny bitch but I'm not trying to be. Some things people say just really gets to me. It's hard to keep my cool and stay quiet when I see people making fun of someone who is in a situation they know nothing about.

Rule of thumb.. never fall asleep at support sessions .

JustinJK 21

What if he's there for support for traumatizing nightmares that cause him to lose a lot of sleep, making him tired all the time. Or what if he has a sleeping disorder.

Then he should have mentioned that in the original FML and not end up looking like an uncaring douche.

After that you should have apologized and said you lost something too, your head up your ass.