By bibi - 19/03/2012 23:43 - Slovenia - Ljubljana

Today, I went to see a dinosaur exhibition with my mum. We walked around and saw a huge dinosaur, made of plastic and rubber. She was very disappointed, saying that she thought there would be real live dinosaurs for us to see. FML
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Your mother is a complete, and utter moron.

ididntdoit1980 8

Times like this you pray that you're adopted and not born from her genes.


Your mother is a complete, and utter moron.

"Don't worry mom you're still here.". This would have cheered her up.

ImFrackinBored 13

The only time the words "you're adopted" are good...

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ohhhh the average human intelligence is sad sometimes

JoshTheMaggot 8

Anyone think of the possibility that her mom meant real as in bones and not plastic?

45, real LIVE dinosaurs. Read before making shitty comments like that.

I did, 45. why else would OP even bother to add that little detail about the dinosaurs bones? tsk tsk everyone's so quick to call the mom an idiot too. maybe the "real, live" part of the post is what's throwing 'em off. I immediately assumed she meant to 'real', preserved bones

haha take your own shitty advice, girl. there's nothing wrong with my comment, it's just exploring the possibility.

I also believe she meant bones. I would have been disappointed as well. There are other uses of the word "live" for example at the museum I bet there was a real live mummy exhibit! Guess what, he's dead too.


MerrikBarbarian 9

Not quite. There has been new advances in Dino DNA studies. They have actually been reverse engineering chickens back into dinosaurs. They also recently found Dino feathers preserved in amber. It actually isn't so far off as one might think. They've been killing them soon as they hatch but they made Dino-chickens by turning on and off proteins in embryo to give then Dino tails and fangs. DNA tests also show chickens are descended from trex. Consider that as you eat your KFC ;)

"Real live mummy exhibit"? That phrase to me implies that the mummies are alive, and so does "real live dinosaurs". And where exactly does the OP say anything about dinosaur bones?

It's just an expression. "Real live" is just a form of real life... which would mean at some point it was alive and not plastic.

TheCaterpiller 6

49 - why u insult everyone you think has less intelligence than you? That is a fast way to lose friends

Did you ever think she may of meant the mechanical kind? Moving its head and roaring from a speaker? Dipshit.

19 they have cloned dinosaurs, haven't you seen jurassic park?

That STILL doesn't make sense because the word "real" alone expresses the fact that the mummies are real (hence were once alive). The moment you use the word "live", it means that it is currently alive. A dinosaur skeleton is a real dinosaur (a part of one anyway) that used to be alive but is not a "real live dinosaur". Also, I'm pretty sure that the OP wouldn't put this on FML if the mom didn't literally expect a live T Rex walking around.

48, she said "live" This is what "throws people off?"

jaystreet46 4

That's what I was thinking.

trueblue170 13

As #80 said, "real live" is just an expression. Expressions almost never mean the same as the exact literal meanings of the words in them.

ididntdoit1980 8

Times like this you pray that you're adopted and not born from her genes.

MatheusRajuidas 5

And hope you ain't gonna be as dumb as them in the future if you do happen to be their heir.

And if you are hope to god you're pretty...

MatheusRajuidas 5

Cause if you're dumb you are also ugly.... Nice logic.

No, he just meant that if you're dumb, then you better or be pretty or life's gonna be really hard for that person.

Sinamoi 18

No, not gullible. OP's mom wasn't tricked, (that we know of) she's just lacking a bit in the common sense department.

Sometimes I also panic when I have the chance to make one of the first few comments. It's okay.

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Haha. You should have told her, "Mum, this isn't damn Jurassic Park! Gosh! Idiot!" (You don't have to add idiot if you don't want.)

I don't want to say it but just read your username :)

62 - I wanted to say it but you beat me to it.

And why would you say that the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park are real dinosaurs?

FmaFangirl 9

Hah! She was only saying that because... *drumroll please* Yo mama so old she had a pet dinosaur! on a side note, she only wished to see him again and was hoping today was her lucky day.

xknightlightx 2

Somehow im getting the idea that your mom doesnt go out much or read much about the world or sumtin like that.. I wonder what else she has done with ignorance..

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did you ever consider she ment ACTUAL dinosaur bones??? pretty sure t-Rex wasnt made of plastic...

batummshakalaka 1

Except she said she thought there was going to be real 'live' dinosaurs. Maybe it was just her using a figure of speech.

She did use the word "live".... Bones aren't exactly live.

snator 0

Museums don't show "actual" dinosaur bones in the first place. They're too fragile and valuable. Plus, you know, it kind of very clearly says "real LIVE dinosaurs" in the OP.

jerseyboy732 16

70 you've obviously never been to the museum of natural history in DC. they have real bones on display

Yeah I agree with 30, OP's mom thought the dinosaurs were live and dinosaur bones aren't 'real live' dinosaurs

I use the expression 'real live' to mean the real thing, as in not fake plastic shit, not necessarily to mean something that's alive.. It's possible the OP's mum does this too.

85 you've obviously never seen "Jurassic Park."