By Anonymous - 07/03/2016 19:00 - United States - Arlington

Today, my boyfriend is mad at me for causing him to fail a science test. Apparently he thought I was serious when I told him that homo sapiens were extinct because they were "homo". FML
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A07 48

It's because you forgot to say "no ****" at the end, always end with "no ****"

I have the sneaking suspicion he wasn't going to pass anyway


A07 48

It's because you forgot to say "no ****" at the end, always end with "no ****"

PePziNL 20

"Honey can you do the dishes today?" "no ****."

MamaChey 24

What the hell is that supposed to mean #4? Troll.

Can somebody tell me the location? I hate the update.

me too. unless I'm blind, I'm not seeing location or gender on the mobile app.

48, I haven't seen it on the update either. Rather unfortunate.

#48 I've never seen gender but always have seen location

#29. I hate the update too. Fortunately, I kept my old tablet where the ilder version still runs - for now. I hate the update so much , I might just uninstall FML on my phone. Sad. The othet day, a video auto launched from the new FML app to show me a loud ad. How obnoxious !!

I guess his family didn't climb that high up in the evolutionary ladder

I think he is still trying to figure out how to use the ladder.

If anything I think he started using the ladder to dig a hole.

that one answer caused him to fail the whole test?

Hahaha, wouldn't you fail someone if they gave you that answer?

Mathalamus 24

failing a person because of one stupid answer is itself, stupid. i would simply mark it wrong, and move on.

Not all tests are true/false or multiple choice. It was likely a short answer or essay test (or those parts of the test were more heavily weighted). If a student hands in a written response, on a science test, explaining that **** sapiens are extinct (regardless of *why* he thinks they're extinct), that student is clearly unable to demonstrate knowledge learned and deserves to fail the test. Tests test what you have learned in the class, both in knowledge and critical thinking skills. OP's boyfriend has apparently gained neither of those.

There's no way he was failed because of that one answer. That's not how tests work or teacher mark (even if they want to). Obviously he failed because he got a number of other questions wrong and he is just blaming op because he found out that the answer she gave him was wrong. He's just placing blame elsewhere instead of realizing his own mistakes, owning up to them, and trying to learn from them like a normal, well developed person.

If he got that answer that badly incorrect, it's not much of a stretch to assume he got other answers incorrect as well.

I have the sneaking suspicion he wasn't going to pass anyway

Maybe he should have just studied...

That was probably like 1 question on the test. The rest he f'd up on his own.

You are a genius...your bf on the other hand not so much :)