By Evolution mama - 05/02/2014 19:52 - Iceland - Reykjav

Today, I presented my child with the classic "Who came first, the chicken or the egg?" conundrum. In return, I got a detailed lecture on how birds evolved from dinosaurs, how life was created in the sea and an explanation about evolution. I got schooled by a 9 year old. FML
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Wow, so I came from a monkey? If evolution is true how come there are still monkeys then? And how come a banana fits perfectly into the human hand? Wow.

I was going to give you a scathing reply, 26, but then a read your profile. Nice try there, buddy. Nice try.

Either you raised your child very right, or very wrong. I am unsure.

Gotta throw the creationist theory out of the window now. We have a mini Sheldon in the making!

You've got yourself a genius for a kid, OP. Just be thankful he didn't instead ask you something stupid like what an egg was.

In the case of this question, "what is an egg" or "what do you mean with egg" or the way I usually say it, “define 'egg'" is a good question because it affects the answer. If by egg you mean any egg, the egg is first because dinosaurs and fish lay eggs too. If by egg you mean an egg that came out of a chicken, the chicken must have been first, and finally if by egg you mean an egg a chicken came out off the correct answer is the egg.

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Sounds like someone was watching Bill Nye's debate last night. Good.

You should be proud, for that kid is going to become a genius! Actually, he may be one already.

That's what you get for being a moron.

Your 9 year old is awesome. If he learned this from Bill Nye, that's another young mind he has educated.

Nothing has been proven wrong in science. That's the whole concept of science actually it's to only have theories such as gravity. Our whole idea on how the world works is always changing is why

If gravity is just a theory, why don't you just float the **** away :-)

#60 nobody said theories can't work. even if they did, what you just said was stupid as ****

Theory: the analysis of a set of facts in their relation to one another.