By imafunguy - 05/10/2012 00:28 - United States

Today, I asked a girl out. She replied, "Sorry, I'm suddenly a lesbian." FML
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U shud have replied "greaaatt, im having my sex changed" lol

How rude of her. You're better off without her OP.


perdix 29

"So, how are things in Beirut?"

perdix 29

Did they get it and not like it, or did they just not get it?

What don't women understand about being lesbian, to a guy, is almost, if not more, attractive than a heterosexual girl.

All the way up until the point where you want a real romantic relationship AND (or) bang the living shit out of her. Then being a lesbian makes a guy wanna swallow the barrel of his .45

Mister_Triangle 21

Yeah, I don't get it either, sorry. But I still downvote just because I don't understand a joke/reference

adamcichuttek 2

You seem to have an overload of commas, mister.

perdix 29

#31, people from Beirut are Lebanese. Sounds like. . .

chell1894 13

I don't know about where you live, but where I live lesbians are not attractive. I mean there are SOME. But they're hard to come by. Most lesbians around here feel the need to dress and act like a man. And not a gentleman at that. They're mostly butch lesbians with mullets. The "hot and sexy" ones are mostly just in men's ****.

X_Codes 11

Are those the people you *call* lesbians, or people who have actually told you they're lesbians?

I would have told her to eat my mangina. Lol

chell1894 13

Well since its to butch girls holding hand who just kissed moments before. I think it's safe to assume they're lesbians.

Im from beirut.. So ur saying lebanese ppl are gay? Or have suddenly became gay?

67: The joke is that Perdix was pretending not to know what a lesbian is, and assumed that the OP just misspelled Lebanese.

22- No, it's really not attractive. I support the lgbt community whole heartily, but there is nothing more sexually crippling than a lesbian to me. Why should I was my efforts getting hot and bothered over something that's never gonna happen?

He should of said how is Lesbos not Beirut as the alternative definition of lesbian is someone from the isle of Lesbos meaning they can be both a lesbian and like men.

71: That's true, but I don't most people remember than Lesbians were named after an island. That joke might fly a little higher with classics majors, though.

flyninja17 1

Me: Im Lebanese. Others: Youre a lesbian!? Its a Lebanese problem

BunchieRules 31

71 - Lisbon would also work. I believe it's the capital of Portugal.

How rude of her. You're better off without her OP.

ee13lbp 4

She could just have said no. I always prefer getting told things like this directly rather than when the other person makes stupid excuses

Mister_Triangle 21

What if she's actually a lesbian now? It can happen!

Ask her to kiss a girl. Then ask if you can watch.

X_Codes 11

@6 - It's not a stupid excuse, she's not actually a lesbian and just wanted to be a bitch to the OP. I mean, I agree with what you say, having had more than my share of getting lead around, but that's not the situation here.

androiddestroya 7

Ask if she's into fisting... Then POW right in the kisser

Sorry bro, sounds like a bitch, it seems you're probably better off without her

M3741H34D 0

Well at least now when people ask you how it went you can give them a legitimate reason.

Sounds like some stupid response she's been thinking about all week that she thought was cool and funny.

Is it weird that I read your comment in Jeremy Clarkson's voice?

U shud have replied "greaaatt, im having my sex changed" lol

Or tell her you can tuck your nuts when you guys make out........

a_lenzmeier 11

*you *should. Any one else want to take a whack at it?

Yea I hear that's going around. Be warned early symptoms include heavy drinking, truth or dare, and joining a sorority.

daringtoride 27

Can you imagine how she would be if you dated? Dodged a bullet there!

KiddNYC1O 20

Probably be a good relationship as it's usually a mutual thing to date...

That's when you say that you like girls too and point out how much you two have in common.

perdix 29

Introduce her to your sister. If you really cared for her as a person, you'd want to help her out in her new endeavor. Plus, you'd be nearby if she gets drunk and falls off the carpet wagon.

perdix 29

#37, not really. I like to try to be creative and toss out comments without considering their potential popularity. If I always got thumbs up, it would mean that I found a formula to get positive feedback and I was just turning the crank.