By Squishy - 22/08/2010 23:19 - United Kingdom

Today, my loving boyfriend told me that he wanted to go to the cinema with the girl he loves. The other girl he loves, but don't worry it's "not" a date. FML
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I agree dump, why should you even not be dumping him!?

tell him to grab the girls panties so you can sniff them together later and if it's still juicy make some fish soup?

well as long as it's not a date everything is fine....... wait i think he is trying to pull a fast one on you OP

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wow like that couldn't have been a bigger cue for u to dump him....op if u don't then ur just really fucken sad.

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maybe it's a sisteror daughter she don't know about. I guess just ask him

Yeah, I agree. Maybe it's just his sister, or another family member. So he loves her, and it's not a date!

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It looks like you shoulda used Allstate.

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why do my Spanish comments get moderated

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So what? He's a heterosexual man. He's gonna like other girls. If he's humorous, like me, then he's sarcastic, like me. If you want to date someone that loves YOU and ONLY you, and will never think anyone else is better looking, become a narcissist and go date a mirror.

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I still think it's racist whatever happened to freedom of speech smh

maybe it was his mom and he wanted to see what you'd say.

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Maybe the other girl he loves is his mom, so that's why its not a date. Or he could just be a lying pile of dog shit.

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wow, he didn't even try to keep a low profile and creep like other cheaters! you should keep him! (ignore me.) |the kid|

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Hell hath no fury like a 12 year old girl scorned..... YDI

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I hate Justin beiber!!!! she hit me with her purse :(

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BA show ( : ohhh. && yeah. I would just dump him, no doubt.

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I'm guessing maybe his best friend who happens to be a girl? ...don't worry it's not a date. :0)

fu** you #7. and guys are dicks to make up for the ones they dont have.

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No #8. All men have dicks. The "dicks" you're speaking of, still have dicks. You're confused. Stay in school.

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Well, I think we know this one rips the hearts out of lizards for mating rituals in which she rapes a doll with a picture of justine biebers face on it. You may drown in your sorrow now that you know that Justine isn't a true being at all, but a humunculi who is out to devour your soul and your soul only. YDI

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obtain a bad italian accent and burn the cinema down.

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Here I thought you were making a Cinema Paradiso movie reference.

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Wow, I was getting really worried there for the first half. Thanks for making me feel a whole lot better op.

sounds like ur bangin bill clinton to meh

Bill Clinton was a good president >.<