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Today, while at football practice, my teammates and I were on water break. At the bus barn next to the field, a good-looking girl was washing a bus. Some of the guys started to yell pick-up lines at her from 50 yards away, and pretty soon I chime in. She turns around. It was my younger sister. FML
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That's what you get for being an obnoxious ass.

pschh you totally deserved that, I feel bad for the girl


That's what you get for being an obnoxious ass.

nineteenth fuckbag!

If you look at it again you might realize that the person was seconding the 1st comment.


HA! you're a douchebag, AND your sister is officially HOTTTTTTT!!!!!! bwuahahahahaha!!! double FAIL

^^^ Don't ******* reply to the first to to get your comments up the top you retards. In actual reply to #1: How was he to know it was his sister?

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Good job for getting trolled by #19, nubs.

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In actual reply to #76: Yelling at any woman because he finds her sexually appealing makes him an obnoxious ass. That's pretty straightforward. He should have been respectful because it was his sister? She could have been someone else's sister, and it's rude regardless because it's objectification.

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you self righteous dirtbag, just close your mouth forever.

He doesn't have to know it was his sister. It's rude to yell at strangers anyway.

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its not that they were saying she was was the way they probably said it in a disrespectful way. im sure you dont say your friend is good at guitar hero by using sexual references.

I think what #101 meant by objectification, was not by actually implying the girl is suddenly an object because of the compliments, but that the girl is a person nevertheless. And a person needs to be treated with respect and not be treated like an object, without any care to the person's feelings.

totallly agree with youuu!! but still.. i think it was pretty embarrasiing...

@101, why is it fair for all these FMLs that say "I thought this boy was cute, so I tried to impress him by..." Not saying we should hit on women, I wanted to make a separate comment saying, "Good, now you know what it's like when you hit on other people's little sisters; learn some manners" But I just wanted to point out the gender equality issue.

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If you're a person being hit on, having someone do something when you're around to impress you is COMPLETELY different from having a group of big football players gang up and decide to start YELLING stupid lines at you.

there's a difference between "telling her she's attractive" and continuously yelling out at her just for your own enjoyment.

god, #154 or Finnboghi. Stop trying to act like you know something by proving that you're an English major and using subject and object sentence structure lessons. Why should people being against hooting at other girls, be called femi-nazi? Maybe all men need to learn how to respect women instead of thinking they can own any girl by screaming shit out to them. Can't an attractive girl wash a bus or even just walk down the street without being verbally harassed?

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I agree. I mean I'm a girl and girls tend to like being told they're attractive or hot. That's how it's always is, unless you're from some strange planet. Last time I heard a compliment is a good thing...

GWAHAHAHAHAH! Soapylungs? You genuinely think I'm an English major simply because I prefer to use full sentences and proper grammar to communicate my ideas? You have a lot to learn about the world. It would be a lot easier if you opened your eyes. And pulled your head out of your ass. (In case I didn't make it clear, I'm not an English major. Or anywhere close.)

bubbles: Being told you're attractive and having a huge gang of guys yelling sexual shit at you are completely different things. Yes most girls like being told they're pretty, but not the way these idiot did it.

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hey #101, and anyone who agrees with 101: -why cant hellen keller drive? because shes a woman -i shit on your dead -a thousand dicks in your religion -a dick in your mothers rib cage -i wipe sweat off my balls and flick it in your general direction -suck butter from my ass -may you be struck by a dick -your mother sucks bears in the forest -**** the 18 generations of your ancestors -let the rats ejaculate on you -the pope ***** you -stick your hand in my ass and jerk off with my shit -shampoo my dick hair with your saliva -brush your teeth, my dick will be inspecting soon -if you were an ice cream flavor you'd be pralines and dick -how many feminists does it take to change a lightbulb? trick question, feminists cant change anything! -did u hear about the woman who was a respected member of society? no, me neither OP - if you live in west virginia or anywhere around there, then good for you. if not, then this is truly FYL

lmfao #33!!!!!!!

least when the girl turned around it wasn't snickerdoodle

LMFAO The thing is, Finnboghi ( sorry if i spelled it wrong ) is that ( frm the pic) she looks Asian AND her eyes are closed. "open your eyes" bwahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

incest anyone?

incest is wincest.

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If you re-read, they yelled because they were 50 ft. away and thats also why he didn't know it was his sister

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If you re-read, they yelled because they were 50 ft. away and thats also why he didn't know it was his sister

pschh you totally deserved that, I feel bad for the girl

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The comments on this site are just astounding. It's impossible to comment on how dumb some of the people are that post here.

How did you not tell it was your sister??

YDI. I don't get why some of these get posted.... *sigh*.

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I know, I don't get why some people post these just to have thousands of people cursing them out and insulting them.


these get past moderation so that every1 can say YDI

lmao xD how awkward is it going to be at the dinner table

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yea, jus dont tell mom

how male. but then again, you just found your little sister sexually attractive. i just vomited in my mouth.

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i hate things like this that insult a sex/race/group.


you, sir, are shallow and pedantic

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HAHAHAHA! Lois this meatloaf is shallow and pedantic


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Finding your sister attractive there? Weird story bro, keep it to yourself.

How much of a unloved pig do you have to be to say "how male" as your biggest insult

You're a f*cking idiot. You didn't recognise your sisters tight little ass?

lmao but I was thinking the same thing. Wouldn't you notice it was your sister? I mean you have assumably been living together for years, you would think you would recognize her even if she wasn't facing you.

50 yds away they really didnt even know if she was cute im guessing just a girl and not like morbidly obese with crazy hair and old

well then ._.

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Wow #6 down with the incest much lol

1. Don't be such a pig. 2. You can't recognise your sister from behind?

Every woman is someone's daughter/sister/mother, at least one of those. Lrn2respect

I second that!!! I hate Eve teasers. I believe if u want to get the girl be bold and get talking to her directly and not yell some pick-up lines at her. YDI!! At least i hope u understand now.

Why people do that shit? Really, WTF? They give all males a bad name.

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well most guys are like that