By freakedout - 11/04/2014 02:32 - United States - Louisa

Today, my neighbor asked to come over and use my laptop. She showed up drunk, grabbed my boobs, and asked if I'd ever had a lesbian experience. We both have husbands and kids; the kids were in the room. FML
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Wizardo 33

Explain to the kids the dangers of drinking and mind ******* abilities it has, silver linings.


Or maybe have a word with her husband... Oh, oh.. Or maaybe this is how they get you into a threesome? Just random thoughts passin through.

#15- So you're one of those people who says random shit that nobody cares about.

Seems like #78 is also one of those people.

So? Did you? If not-- you went to the wrong college! :P

Wizardo 33

What? Or she simply didn't want any and went to a perfectly good college.

You have to put the kids to bed with a little Benadryl first.

Well, it would seem no one is able to take a joke. It wasn't that bad and the smilie was a dead give away.

Wizardo 33

Explain to the kids the dangers of drinking and mind ******* abilities it has, silver linings.

And that, kids, is how I met your mother.

You need to have a very serious conversation with her when she sobers up.

Like "not in front of the children" and "should I bring wine or liquor?"

Well...don't look a gift horse in the mouth!

At least it was the wife, not the husband. That could lead to some real tension in the 'hood.

RedPillSucks 31

How is this better? Sexual harassment is sexual harassment, whether its man on woman, woman on woman, or man on man...

Goblin182 26

What about woman on man. Oh,that's right, that's not harrassment, that's getting lucky.

Sadly enough, in this day and age, many men do see it that way ...

#52, I've been sexualy hurrassed by women, trust me, by no means did I feel lucky.

#83 They must have had some low expectations

classiceagle63 16

Well that's a.... Free sex ed lesson for the kids?

Not really, considering her kids are less likely to both be homosexual females, they wouldn't really learn much that's useful.

Its a lesson on what NOT to do at a friend's house.

It wouldn't exactly be a Sex Ed lesson because sex can technically only occur when both genders are present..

Whys that? Because gay sex is icky? Smh