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Today, I painfully watched my doctor burn a hole in my nail to drain the blood underneath. This is the prescribed treatment for the injury of hammering your thumb. FML
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The pain sucks at first, but it'll be much better than the pain the swelling would have caused.


Wonder if OP got a five finger discount on the procedure. (I know, I know, I'm sorry!)

No, he only got one of his fingers discounted.

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I would have commented the same thing if I wasn't so damn late.

The pain sucks at first, but it'll be much better than the pain the swelling would have caused.

Oh that doesn't sound fun, are you sure there are no other treatment options? If not, then at least this will (hopefully) quicken the healing process.

Unfortunately not that I know of. I had that happen when my sister slammed two of my fingers in the hinges of a door.

the blood collection under the nail is called a subungual hematoma. the treatment of choice is trephination, or the creation of a decompressive hole in the nail plate. hot (sterile) device preferred over dirty drill bit but both accomplish same thing

Yeah, I've done the drill bit in my thumb during a bowling tournament after smashing my thumb between two bowling balls. Amazingly enough, I bowled pretty well the rest of the tournament. The pain does abate pretty drastically after you relieve the pressure.

Fell sick just reading that, hate it when anything happens to nails. Good luck, OP.

Aw man, I can't imagine the pain of every. single. part of that. Hope you heal quickly and got some good pain meds out of it.

Stay positive, you could have crushed a bone.

Ydi for some reason that will be cleverly explained so that you can literally be at fault for anything.

Nurse trepaned my big toe with a hot paper clip. The jet of blood shot about 4 feet. But felt soooo good after. Lost the nail in the end. Gross.