By Lara - 08/01/2016 11:28 - Germany - Bremen

Today, I went to the doctor's because I could feel something solid in my breasts, and I wanted to get it checked, just to be safe. Turns out it was my ribs. Oops. FML
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On the upside, it's not cancer! Whatever the opposite of FYL is, that.


On the upside, it's not cancer! Whatever the opposite of FYL is, that.

My grandmother told her "friends" she noticed a "lump" her friends said it was nothing, and she was paranoid. Turns out it was breast cancer! It's a good thing she checked anyway. Always better safe than sorry! congratulations op!!

Yeah, if you can *recently* feel your ribs through your breasts, you overdid it with the diet.

Huh? I'm in good shape, even have just a few extra pounds and have a size 28G breasts and if I prod hard enough i can feel my ribs. I don't think that has anything to do with it.

How are you doing that? If I prod hard enough it hurts and I stop, and I'm a 32 band with probably an equal volume of boob to you.

There no way you can feel a rib in a way that would seem like a lump through a G-cup breast. With your fingers under the breast maybe, but not through it.

Boob comparison.. but if we do it we're "perverts" >.>

leogachi 15

@49 Stop whining. It's not like they're comparing how firm they are and the size "comparison" isn't even a comparison. You're implying a double standard that doesn't exist.

I was thinking this may be a case for the Itty bitty titty commission...

It's healthy to be able to feel your ribs, if you can you got a BIG problem.

They might just have small breasts, ever think about that?

I can feel my ribs and I'm not too skinny. Granted, I have basically no boobs though

#45, I don't think you can tell me there's "no way" when I've stated I've done it. I do breast exams regularly, and they're to be done lying flat on your back. In that position, the tissue redistributes somewhat and near the center of my chest I can feel my ribs through them. So yes, there is a way.

MikaykayUnicorn 36

#77, I'm a 36DD and even doing a breast examination lying down I cannot feel my ribs through my breast tissue. I'm thinking you're either lying, or you've got a problem. Having large breast and still being able to feel your ribs does not sound healthy to me.

#79, I'm a 34DD and I can easily feel my ribs in my breasts towards the center of my chest. your breasts are probably set closer together, which is fine, but I'm assuming #77 and I have them set further apart, which may be why we can feel our ribs.

#77 I have absolutely no reason to lie about something so unimportant. Also, I have a chronic illness that keeps me in the doctor's office quite often, so I can assure you that my breasts are one area of my body that is very healthy. No need to be rude.

the guy version of this won't be as entertaining. "If I prod my balls hard enough, I can feel millions of my unborn children and my pelvic bone".

Hey I'd find that entertaining. I can feel ribs at the centre of my chest (well actually my sternum with ribs either side because I'm not a mutant) but to me that's between boob area, not actual boob area. I'm confused because I can't imagine mistaking that for a breast lump.

I can feel my ribs through my breasts if I try. And I'm certainly not on a diet, I eat more than my husband does.

NakuEh 27

I don't understand how that is a mistake that can be made.

it's not a hard mistake to make for small chested women

oh dear she went there lol soz couldn't help it

I'm small chested and have some dislocated ribs so the rib edge feels like a lump.

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I said the same thing but I guess it can happen

legit having the same problem have to go to chiropractor to get it adjusted

It could have been a fetus in fetu. You should have named it Gary.

female patients typically get female doctors, so no

I've had more male gynos than female. they typically do everything, but have a female nurse in the room.

Better a rib than a kyst or the sign of breast cancer. You're lucky.

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You pressed so hard that you could feel your ribs?

TXlove 6

Even with small boobs, mine aren't big and I can press hard enough to feel ribs but they don't feel like a lump..

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Fact: 100% of people who have died had ribs. It's good you got that checked out instead of waiting for them to spread and form the dreaded "cage," which is basically a boney claw that clutches the life out of you.

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I need proof that what you say is true.

MedChew 19

It IS true, look up devil's grip. In all seriousness, you know he's joking right?

Look, #13, you can't prove that it ISN'T true. If that's not reason enough to believe me, I don't know what is. :P

you can't prove that god is not a spaghetti monster either. If the argument is based on inability to disprove a statement then we could go round and round all year lol

It has to be true. Everything on the internet is true. I read it on the internet. :D

We also can't prove that Tripartita isn't god. I mean, I haven't seen them both in the same room, have you?